New Website!

Ah, yes.. it's like clean sheets on a Monday evening.

Okay we admit it was a long time coming (all that surfing and Hamboarding may have something to do with it) but we finally have a polished new website for all our inter-web friends.

Now it's easier than ever to find your perfect Hamboard. 

So snuggle in, and get to browsin'. 

February 10, 2016


Longboard Skateboard

We have some VERY exciting news…

To handcraft the worlds best longboard skateboards, street stand up paddle boards and land paddles in the early days was a rather slow, careful and expensive process. Now, thanks to thousands of dedicated riders over the last 10 years, Hamboards has finally reached enough worldwide demand to be able to offer our boards at a far better price while constantly perfecting our quality and performance.  

Now everyone can experience everything from 

  • The simple and classic longboard experience of the HOP
  • The Beauty, Power and Grace from the Logger 
  • The High-Performance surfing like power of the Fish and Pinger  
  • and the Classic-The legendary longboard that changed everything 


  • If you have always wanted a Hamboard, but could not afford it - today is the day we have all been waiting for. 
  • If you already a loyal Hamboarder or a serious collector  - now you can afford to experience the full performance range in the rest of the series


We just wanted to take a moment to thank everyone who believed in us, and to let you know this is only the beginning.  As our commitment to you, price will never be between you and experiencing the worlds best longboard skateboards, street stand up paddle boards and land paddles. So to help us grow the community tell your neighbors, friends, family, passer-bys, or let them ride yours. Together we can transform the landscape into a wave like experience. 

So TAKE ADVANTAGE of this LOWER PRICE opportunity and lets surf the earth today! 

November 25, 2015

Hand Signed Personally to You

 We have been hand signing each Hamboard we make — since day one.  Each board has always gotten a signature and a number, and sometimes extraordinary people would also get a special personalized note added.  For the first time ever this Christmas we are offering the same memorable chance to get your Hamboard personalized.  All you have to do is follow the instructions right above the "Add To Cart" button, and we'll take care of the rest.

-Pete Hamborg

November 10, 2015

Free Early Bird Shipping


Hamboards are not made out of plastic and they are not pumped out of a machine a thousand or two at a time.  In fact — pretty much the way we make them is one at a time by hand — so it might be smart to take advantage of our free shipping and get your Hamboard early so you're not one of those "Late Santas"...blaming everything on difficult Reindeer and those uncooperative Elves. 


Check out the Board Shop for free domestic shipping on anything and everything to anywhere in the lower 48 (sorry Alaska and Hawaii but your too far away, and we're jealous of your mountains and waves). Ends 12.23.15

October 21, 2015

Biscuit › ‹‹LMTD›› ›


We know you're stoked on our biscuits.  Whether you're checking the waves or grabbing a coffee, we've crafted the ultimate commuter for anybody from the grom to the mom.  And recently, we’ve added 4 new designs to our quiver. 

Limit edition longboard skateboard mini
The new ‹‹LMTD›› EDTN›› Biscuits are a fun new project we have been crafting up at the shop. We are only making 100 of each design so don't wait around to order them. Each board is hand numbered in the order that it is purchased. Take a gander at you favorite micro skateboard here.

Loggin' around Newport Beach

We are really happy with the way these Walnut Loggers have turned out. Not only do they have a great classic surfy ride, but they're way photogenic. We couldn't resist the opportunity to do a photo shoot with one of our favorite photographers, Krista Espino.

September 04, 2015

Anders Hamborg › Classic › videos ›

Hamboards On Mars

Often times we find ourselves asking probing questions like,

Why does my face hurt?
Does this make me look fat?
Is it possible that I could be an aardvark in disguise?

Anders Hamborg answers all these questions and more as we dig deeper into what it means to be someone who will one day ride Hamboards on Mars. 

Classic Boards and Cars

It's not everyday you get to flash back 50 years. The Hamborg crew got to experience just such a time warp riding our classic longboards around and thru the Huntington Beach Classic Car Show, and it felt like the boards we were riding belonged right there. Hamboards may not have 50 years of existence under its belt but we somehow are throwbacks to that same era. All our boards have a unique blend of modern performance with a retro look and feel, made for classic surf-style skateboard riding. 

Almost Something

Just a normal day of wave sliding and pavement riding with the Hamboard crew, using the longboards that make the transition between skate and surf seamless. 


This is What We Do.

George Williams staying loose, limber and dialing in his turns on the Fish in between contest heats. George has been riding Hamboards for ages and his pops, Chris Williams, uses Hamboards for his Laguna Beach based surf team, Soul Surf, to fine tune his pupils surfing.