We will accept all DEFECTIVE, DAMAGED or INCORRECT returns shipped to USA customers from our USA web store and offer you the choice of either replacing the product or refunding the full order amount in a timely manner.  This is a 100% guarantee.  Let's talk about it.  

As soon as you discover a DEFECT, DAMAGE or INCORRECT item issue, please contact us at customerservice@hamboards.com or leave a voice message at (714) 613-0532 and request a return authorization number and/or a return shipping label.  If your package/product was damaged, sending us photos by email is especially helpful so that we can see the damage and we can also forward to our shipping carrier.  As soon as we received the return package, we will either refund or send a replacement according to your desires.  Please communicate your preference with our customer service team.  We don't want to let our customers down... and take all this very seriously.  Sometimes we know you really don't want to let your Hamboard go, even if it's not perfect, so we try to make it up with swag, promotional items or other means, so please give us a chance to make things right.  We are in this business to help bring stoke to peoples lives, so please be gracious and patient with us.    

If you have received the incorrect item and you use it anyway, it's yours.  We cannot accept the return of used product for replacement or refund unless it is found to be defective after use.     

All other returns are on a case-by-case basis.  Please contact us at customerservice@hamboards.com or leave a voice message at (714) 613-0532.  If a return is authorized for any reason other than defective, damaged or incorrect, the return may also be subject to a 20% restocking fee plus shipping both ways.  Return shipments to our warehouse will be refused and returned to you without advance return authorization.  

Please do NOT contact us on Facebook, Insta or any other social media platform for customer service issues.  Our staff is trained to send you straight back to customerservice@hamboards.com or leave a voice message at (714) 613-0532 which is where the product and warehouse staff is connected.  If you punish us on social media, it will be embarrassing and hurt our feelings, but it won't change who you have to talk to in order to resolve your issue.  

Please allow us some time to get back to you.  Our e-mail and phone message system has never "lost" an inquiry and if you submit your issue, please know that we will find it and get back to you timely well.  Sometimes, we have to do some research before we reply to you, so that we know exactly how to help.  

If you open a payment dispute with your credit card merchant or PayPal prior to contacting us, you will discourage our cooperation and dramatically slow down the resolution process.  It's best to work with us via customerservice@hamboards.com or leave a voice message at (714) 613-0532.  

Thank you.