My New Secret To Landboard Surfing. All-New Tips.

My New Secret To Landboard Surfing. All-New Tips.

 My New Secret To Landboard Surfing. All-New Tips

Spring Land Surfing

When you live on the East Coast, waiting for summer is a daunting task. One day the sun is out and the next, you wake up to snow on the ground. When you have that East Coast state of mind you know how important it is to take advantage of those "summery" spring days that Mother Nature throws at you.

And that's exactly what I did last weekend. Grabbed my favorite Hamboard, the Classic, because IMO it’s the best longboard surfboard and I love its natural flowing urge to roll.

Noseriding longboard surfboard

Last Saturday the clouds had pushed aside, making way for the sun to hang out for the day. It was that ideal jeans and tee weather, perfect for a longboarding surf-day on Hamboards.

My friends and I hit the streets of Brooklyn, coasting up and down the long stretches of pavements. When I'm out Hamboarding I can't help but revert to that 12-year-old state of mind. Here I am, outside playing in the sun all day, not worrying about the time, work or food. Just cruising.

It's in this state of freedom where I start to get creative.


Pavement surfing


Here’s my longboard-surfing Tip #1

I brought my bike along and tied a rope to the back for my friend to tug me up and down the smooth stretches of pavement so I could just carve along. When you want to wakeboard but don't have a lake or a boat available you need to think outside of the box. And this Ham session was epic.

So, if you love to Ham and have a friend who isn't into skating, make use of him or her! Have your friend saddle up on a bike, get a rope tied to the back and turn that friend into your personal Ham driver for an afternoon.


Please note: A Hamboard pulled by a bike is the ultimate stoke but I won’t recommend it if you’re a beginner or if your friend on the bike feels unsteady.

If you are totally comfortable with it, then follow safety tips and hit the paves. Your friend gets a workout, and you get into shape with an amazing Ham session.

What's the most rad thing you’ve done on a Hamboard or any longboard? Visit our Instagram page and share your experience with the surfskating community.



Since you’re here, we have a kind request. Millions of people around the globe in countries like India and Kenya are dying every year because they do not have access to clean drinking water.

It was getting harder by the day to have fun knowing millions of people cannot even access drinking water, the basic requirement for living. 

So, we decided to do something! We have partnered up with Global Water Consortium to make a change. Together we will try to raise fund so children in these parts of the world can



Please spread the word by following us on Instagram and spreading the word by tagging your friends and using hashtag #SUP4WATER #WEAREHAMBOARDS

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