August 08, 2019

Check these 5 Destinations for Longboarding

Tired of always riding in the same spot? Why not go on a trip and explore new places? 

If you are planning to have fun longboarding while traveling, consider visiting these 5 destinations: 

1. San Francisco, California: 

San Francisco has a reputation for having excellent longboarding spots. If you decide to go there, be sure to try the smooth, breezy, and quiet roads of Sunset District. There's also Steven Creek Trail and Jack's Peak, two well-known spots - among many others - you will surely love. 

2. Los Angeles, California:

L.A. is the birthplace of skateboarding culture, so it only makes sense to include it in our suggestions. Between Malibu Hills, Echo Park, Venice Beach, and so many other places, you'll have a hard time picking a longboarding spot.


2. Los Angeles, California:

L.A. is the birthplace of skateboarding culture, so it only makes sense to include it in our suggestions. Between Malibu Hills, Echo Park, Venice Beach, and so many other places, you'll have a hard time picking a longboarding spot.

4. Titan's Path, Norway:

For a more natural environment, look no further than aak Titan's Path. With its adrenaline-inducing hills and breathtaking scenery, this place is like Valhalla for longboarders. But be warned: this place is not for the inexperienced and the faint of heart

5. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil:

With smooth roads, warm weather, and a rich skateboarding scene, Rio de Janeiro is another top-notch destination for longboarding. Exploring places like Copacabana/Ipanema/Leblon beach, the Tijuca National Park, or Aterro Do Flamengo is nothing but pure bliss.

So, which destination sounds the most exciting to you?


Enjoy summer,

The Hamboards Crew

August 01, 2019

New to surf skating? Check these tips

The learning curve for surfskating is fortunately not very steep. If you have recently bought your first Hamboard, check out these tips to learn fast and get into the real fun:

First, focus on pumping (building up speed) first, then try carving. Both will give you the the feeling of surfing on land. Leave the more intricate tricks like cutbacks for later, and concentrate on covering long distances without using your foot to regain speed.

Next, if you’re wondering how to stop, instead of doing it with only one foot like on a regular skateboard, you should just get off the board, with one foot right after the other, and allow your body to walk a few steps before stopping.

Also, are you feeling anxious about falling and injuring yourself? If so, invest in some protective gear like shoulder / knee pads and a helmet.

Try to hone your situational awareness. Just like when you’re riding a bicycle or driving a car, always look at where you're going (and turning). Avoid surfskating at night and watch out for pedestrians, vehicles, and animals.

To keep unexpected obstacles to a minimum, choose a beginner-friendly spot. Pick a flat terrain that goes neither downhill nor uphill. A quiet driveway will do just fine. As you get more comfortable with your board, you can move on to small slopes and, eventually, hills.
Lastly, find and reach out to fellow surfskaters in your city! Have them teach you and watch them ride. Doing that will cut down the learning phase.

That’s all you need to know for now. So go out, practice, and have fun!

Yoga Surf Skate Getaway R2

Have you wished that you could ride all the different Hamboards one after the other to meet your perfect match? If you are attending the Yoga Surf Skate Getaway hosted by Hamboard rider Nico Klimek, that dream can come true. We will be stocking the ‘Short Board House’ in Strathmere, NJ with Hamboards of all shapes and sizes - from our smallest board (The Biscuit) to our largest board (The Classic). This ‘House of Ham’ will give you access to all of the Hamboards, land paddles and riding with a super rad gang of girls.

The YSS Getaway takes place at a surfer’s dream cottage that is known as ‘The Short Board House’. Its’ Bright Blue paint stands out from all the other homes and the sea breeze wafts through the windows. The front of the Short Board House overlooks the ocean and the back opens to the bay. When the Yoga Surf Skate Getaway moves in, this little surf house becomes overstocked with Hamboards. The boards line the front of the home, presenting themselves in height order like they’re taking a family photo. From the street, you may even mistake this house for a Hamboard flagship store. The long road in front of the house quickly becomes dotted with girls cruising by on Loggers, Pingers, and Pescaditos. Like kids in a candy shop, the girls are pulling out one board, and then the next as the smooth pavement becomes a runway of surfskaters.

Photo By @supsaksup

Board sports have a way of bonding people together - and for the Yoga Surf Skate Getaway, Hamboards are no different. These longboards create opportunities to learn about one another. Naturally, the girls begin to chat, sharing their ‘board backgrounds’ and their skateboard and surfskate history. Experienced girls carve down the street and hang ten while girls that are very new to Hamboards may be learning to push or use the land paddle. At last year’s getaway there was a lot of love for the Logger and the Pinger. Both of these boards are part of the Carve Collection. Boards from the Carve Collection are designed for pumping and carving and on the larger boards in the Carve Collection you can even practice hanging ten

What helps make the YSS Getaway so special are the sponsors that come on board in support of the mission. Owner of Hamboards, Don Sandusky, states, "We're stoked to support the YSS Getaway.  There's no gender assigned to board sports, but while these women are learning together, the support is rad.  They have a natural perma-grin for days on end. The waves may or may not cooperate, but these ladies sure do unleash the beach with their Hammys." Sponsors of the YSS Getaway like Hamboards, Jetty, Jacto and La Bamba NYC get excited to partner with the YSS Getaway as it represents their brand and the surfy beach life they embody. “We’re excited to sponsor the YSS Getaway because it’s so important to us that women have a safe and supportive space to explore their courage as well as their fears, through camaraderie and movement. We couldn’t be more grateful to be part of a retreat where women form awesome bonds and share stories so they can grow and surf together,” stated Ann Kim, Founder of La Bamba NYC.

And just to make sure we’re clear - this Getaway isn’t just skate. In the evenings there is live music and chatting as the night grows dark. These ladies skate hard, practice yoga and battle waves. They cook, eat, drink and laugh like best friends. They are a group of women that will come together for a common love of board sports, yoga and supporting one another. Throughout the Getaway, Yoga sessions are strategically sprinkled in. Yoga for surfers and skateboarders is so important as it not only reduces muscle tightness and soreness, but also increases flexibility and balance. Yoga instructor and nutrition coach, Katie Podralski, will be leading yoga sessions at the getaway as well as a mindful eating exercise. The goal of yoga is ultimately never the pose contrary to popular belief. Katie explains the importance of yoga and mindfulness:

“The goal of yoga is to find ourselves in the moment, in the midst of the asana (postures). To observe and notice the breath. To be mindful. Our day to day activities (whether it's skateboarding or surfing or driving in a car on our way to work) and our mindfulness (the ability to just take a breath and be aware of our mental state) can make us the most optimal version of ourselves. Because rather than focusing on how we could’ve done a better olly or been smoother or faster or better here and there, we can start to focus on being fearless. Being courageous. Being accepting. Being vulnerable. Just being. Taking the pressure off of ourselves and giving ourselves permission to feel, do, taste, and have a zest for life is really what our focus should be.”


Whether or not you are going on the Yoga Surf Skate Getaway this May or on another retreat in the near future that encompasses board sports, we encourage you to get your own Hamboard squad together. Set up skate sessions, go to yoga classes, encourage one another and learn from each other. Hamboarding is more than just surfskate - it’s also a lifestyle that you can shape anyway you choose.

For information on The May 2019 Yoga Surf Skate Getaway check out @neeks.peeks on Instagram and send her an email at

January 27, 2019

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Finding that Sweet Spot


So, you want to start surfing? It’s time to make way to the water! This post isn’t going to prep you for big wave surfing - it’s about getting comfortable with your surfboard in the ocean.


The “Sweet Spot”

Before you start paddling out looking for breaks, take a step back and start from the beginning. Make sure you’re looking for green surf conditions on and small waves.


Tip: Magicseaweed is a great site to use for tracking the surf.


Once you find your surf day, practice paddling out past where the waves are breaking to the calm part of the ocean. As you paddle, check in with your body and where it sits on the surfboard.


You want to make sure the tip of your board isn’t submerging under water or pointing to the sky - your board should be parallel with the surface. What you’re doing is looking for your “sweet spot” - this is where you are balanced on the board and you have the least amount of drag slowing you down.


Make sure you aren’t setup too far left or right- you want your body to be vertically centered on the board- your nose aligning with the very tip of the surfboard. Visualize your Hamboard when you ride- it’s parallel with the road’s surface and you are centered horizontally to keep it from tilting left or right. This is what you want with your surfboard when you are paddling out.


Finding that Sweet Spot


The Surf Paddle

As you begin to paddle, make sure you aren’t shifting from left to right. You’ll need to engage your core and stay centered. As you paddle you’re trying to get the most force from every stroke so be sure to keep your hands flat and relaxed so you can create as much resistance as possible- they should not be cupped or balled into fists.


Focus on reaching your arms deep into the water - a shallow paddle will have much less surface area so you won’t get as much “bang for your buck”.


You also want to keep your stoke tight in on the board and not out wide to the sides. You’re reaching as far forward, straight ahead as you can and then pulling and pushing that water straight back along the edge of your board.


Aaaaaand practice. Find a clear demarcation of a route to paddle back and forth to (in between two jetties or to a buoy and back) and start taking some laps. As you paddle, you may find that if you even slightly shift your weight a bit further forward or backward it may improve your speed.


What you want to do is make sure that you know exactly where that sweet spot is and that you’ve mastered your stroke so that when it comes time to catch waves your arms will know what to do.


Tip: To build up arm strength, core strength and stamina go on some long Hamboard rides with the Land Paddle.


Make it Wavy

Once you have your surf stroke and sweet spot down, it’s time to practice paddling out through waves from the beach. The best way to start is on a day with smaller waves so you can paddle over top of them.


When you’re on the beach start to watch the waves and their timing. You’ll want to pick your moment to paddle out and ideally, that’ll be when the least amount of waves are coming through (in between a set). When you push up over a small and/or unbroken wave your hands are going to grip the edges of your surfboard (known as the rails).


Tip: Use your yoga.

If you have any background in yoga, it’s sort of like a surf version of upward facing dog. Your arms lengthen, bringing your upper body off of the board as you bring the weight of your lower body either onto your knees or your toes.


The goal is to keep your board as stable as you can and as parallel as possible. Once the wave passes, you lower back down to that sweet spot and continue to paddle out.



Wave Reader

As you continue to go out and surf and you become more comfortable with paddling out you’ll start to get the transition down smoothly. You’ll also start to read the waves for timing. When your making your way out and you see a wave coming that hasn’t broken yet you’re going to want to paddle as hard as you can to make it over before it breaks - this way it’s just a hump to paddle over than white water that you’ll need to get past.


If the wave is too big to paddle over once it’s broke you’ll need to either bust through the peak, duck dive or turtle. Hopefully you don’t find yourself messing with big waves early on. The key to learning how to surf is to make sure you’re having fun. Pick appropriate days to go out and practice your skills.


As you head out to the water I hope these tips come in handy! We’d love to hear about your first time heading out to surf and how it went. If you’ve found these pointers helpful please share this post!


Written by Dominique (Nico) Klimek // @neeks.peeks

July 10, 2018

Tip #2, Get Your Hamboard Crew


Every Hammer needs a crew - it just makes riding way more fun. Invite your friends out to surf skate with you and make a day of it. Bring music, have a picnic, take some photos (you may even end up in our gallery) and surf the pavement.

If your friends don’t already have a Hamboard I’ll tell you how it will play out. The crew shows up with there longboards and skateboards and you all start skating around. After a couple of minutes your friends are going to be begging to try out your which you’ll politely reply, “Sure, you can try it! But don’t get any ideas…” By the end of your skate session, your friends are going to be dreaming of Hamboards when they go to sleep. And this is good news for you. Why? They are probably going to head to the Hamboard Site and watch the video on how to choose the right board and get one of their very own.

So why is it so awesome when your friends are also riding Hamboards? If you plan it strategically, you’ll all be buying different boards so when you surf skate you can take turns riding all the Hamboard styles. You’ll be able to cruise, carve and paddle changing it up along the way.

When you go out to ride, try and bring a variety of board lengths. A nice combo is the Biscuit, Huntington Hop, Fish, Classic and a paddle. This sets you up with an entire quiver of riding styles and lengths to work with and switching from one board to another means you can ride forever.

So here’s to the endless summer days and nights ahead of us and all of the pavement we’ve yet to shred.

P.S. If you missed Tip #1, check it out here.


Written By Team-Rider Dominique (Nico) Klimek

June 28, 2018

Can SUP Paddling Help Children Get Safe Drinking Water in India?




This year we’ve joined hands with Global Water Consortium to make sure families and children in India no longer have to drink polluted water and instead can have access to safe drinking water that we are used to.


India’s Massive Water Crisis



 Image source

India is one of those countries with the worst water crisis. It comes as a shock to a country that was once meandered by lush rivers. Due to unplanned waste disposal, the same rivers have turned into giant sewages and waters have been contaminated with bio and chemical pollutants.



Today, 21% of India’s diseases are water-related and as estimated 500 kids under the age of 5 die each day due to the lack of clean drinking water.

Two-third of the country does not have traditional sanitation and according to Water Aid, an estimated 76 million people are without clean drinking water.


Paddling with Hamboards for Water #SUP4WATER

This April, we partnered up with Global Water Consortium (GWC) to help them raise $126,540 USD for their fundraising event SUP4WATER.

This will honor those 126,540 children who will die in India and Kenya during the team’s 30-day (444-mile) paddle down the Susquehanna River.


To get ready for the rough waters in July, the team members have been using Hamboards and SUP Skate Paddles provided by Hamboards.


Watch the video below as the team prepares with their Hamboards and SUPSkate Paddles.




During this paddle, the GWC team will carry the same water equipment that will be used on projects overseas on SUP’s.

With the funds raised, together we can impact up to 265,559 lives with projects in India and Kenya! 

India’s water crisis is a global issue and needs to be addressed quickly. Many organizations like Water Aid and Global Water Consortium have stepped up to provide solutions to this problem. But they need our help.


We’re Green and We Care



It’s not the first time, the community of surfers here at Hamboards have actively taken part in cleaning up our earth and lending a helping hand to those who need it most.

In 2017, we took part in helping endangered marine animals and received huge support from our members.

This year, we want to help reach out a glass of safe drinking water to the future of this world. Just like our own children, health and happiness are their birthrights too. And we’ll do our bit to make sure, we are there to help them get just that.


We need your help.

Let us make the world a better place for all.


 For more information about the project visit: This link




April 24, 2018

My New Secret To Landboard Surfing. All-New Tips.

 Spring Land Surfing

When you live on the East Coast, waiting for summer is a daunting task. One day the sun is out and the next, you wake up to snow on the ground. When you have that East Coast state of mind you know how important it is to take advantage of those "summery" spring days that Mother Nature throws at you.

And that's exactly what I did last weekend. Grabbed my favorite Hamboard, the Classic, because IMO it’s the best longboard surfboard and I love its natural flowing urge to roll.

Noseriding longboard surfboard


Last Saturday the clouds had pushed aside, making way for the sun to hang out for the day. It was that ideal jeans and tee weather, perfect for a longboarding surf-day on Hamboards.

My friends and I hit the streets of Brooklyn, coasting up and down the long stretches of pavements. When I'm out Hamboarding I can't help but revert to that 12-year-old state of mind. Here I am, outside playing in the sun all day, not worrying about the time, work or food. Just cruising.

It's in this state of freedom where I start to get creative.


Pavement surfing


Here’s my longboard-surfing Tip #1

I brought my bike along and tied a rope to the back for my friend to tug me up and down the smooth stretches of pavement so I could just carve along. When you want to wakeboard but don't have a lake or a boat available you need to think outside of the box. And this Ham session was epic.

So, if you love to Ham and have a friend who isn't into skating, make use of him or her! Have your friend saddle up on a bike, get a rope tied to the back and turn that friend into your personal Ham driver for an afternoon.


Please note: A Hamboard pulled by a bike is the ultimate stoke but I won’t recommend it if you’re a beginner or if your friend on the bike feels unsteady.

If you are totally comfortable with it, then follow safety tips and hit the paves. Your friend gets a workout, and you get into shape with an amazing Ham session.

What's the most rad thing you’ve done on a Hamboard or any longboard? Visit our Instagram page and share your experience with the surfskating community.

Did you check out our All-New ‘Carve Collection’ yet?

Extreme Carving Longboards

Surfskate Hamboards inspired by Birwell Beach Britches




Since you’re here, we have a kind request. Millions of people around the globe in countries like India and Kenya are dying every year because they do not have access to clean drinking water.

It was getting harder by the day to have fun knowing millions of people cannot even access drinking water, the basic requirement for living. 

So, we decided to do something! We have partnered up with Global Water Consortium to make a change. Together we will try to raise fund so children in these parts of the world can



Please spread the word by following us on Instagram and spreading the word by tagging your friends and using hashtag #SUP4WATER #WEAREHAMBOARDS

February 04, 2018


Longboarding and surfing in winter

While we in California enjoy almost 365 days of sunshine, we know that many of our fellow Hamboarders are not blessed with such gorgeous weather all year long. And now, with all the rain, ice and snow stopping you from hopping on your plank, you’re probably stuck with the ol’ winter blues.

But, before you put your longboard away for the winter, we’ve got good news. You can still enjoy your favorite sport despite the grim weather. Yes, even if you’re surrounded by snow as you’re reading this.

Here are 7 ways you can still get surf stoked the winter.


1. Get Your Board Winter-Ready

First you need to think about your board because all these harsh winter conditions are not going to be kind to your precious plank. Low temperatures, rain, mud and snow could seriously damage the board if you don’t protect it. 

Waterproof the deck with a waterproofing spray before you head out and thoroughly clean your whole board with special attention to the bearings after each session in the damp weather. Spray some silicone spray on the bearings to prevent rust.

Finally, get a strong set of wheels that work well in wet conditions, ideally above 65mm in diameter and 80a in hardness.


2. Keep Warm

Winter Surfskating

This should go without saying, but before you go out in the cold, make sure you’re dressed for the occasion. Keep in mind that the speed on the longboard will force the windchill and initially make you feel colder than usual.

But, the workout will soon warm you up, so it’s best to layer up so you can easily take something off when you need to. And don’t forget to get yourself a beanie and a pair of gloves.


3. Take Advantage Of Dry Spells

 How to go surf skating in winter


Depending on where you live, the winter will be more or less unforgiving. But, even so, I bet there will be some dry days as well. Keep an eye out on those and make sure to take full advantage of them. Just stay warm, prepare your board for a day out in the cold and hit the streets.


4. Hit An Indoor Skate Park (Or A Parking Garage)

 Longboarding Indoor


If you have an indoor skate park in your area, it will be an amazing way to endure the winter. Here you’ll escape the cold, you’ll keep your beloved logger away from the rain and snow and you’ll meet a bunch of other like-minded skaters and land surfers who can’t wait for the spring, just like you.

And, if you’re not lucky enough to have a skate park nearby, you can always improvise and find a parking garage or a subway. These places are dry, relatively warm and have enough room for practicing your favorite tricks.


5. Stay Safe

 Safe street surfing in winter

I know you’re impatient to surf the streets but don’t ever do it if you know you’re risking getting hurt. These harsh winter conditions are challenging even for the seasoned longboarders and you will constantly need to be alert, much more than usual.

The wind will disrupt your movement, the rain will make it difficult to brake and stop and it might even make you slip and fall off the board. But the worst will be the ice and snow.

My advice – avoid them altogether. They will make your ride completely unpredictable and extremely dangerous. During those snowy days, take a break from turf surfing or hit the indoor skate spots we mentioned.


6. Head Somewhere Warmer

 Hamboards factory


Thousands of impatient land surfers come to California each winter to get their longboarding fix. So, there’s an idea – head somewhere warmer for a few days and take your plank with you.

If you decide to come to Cali, you can even stop by our Hamboards store at Huntington Beach and check out what happens behind the scenes in our workshop.


Final Thoughts

If winter brought you down, we totally get it. But bad weather is not a reason to hang up your logger and forget about longboarding for several months. Just grab a jacket, get your board ready and be a little more careful on the road.

And before you know it, the winter will be gone and the weather will be surf-perfect again. So, hang in there and keep cruising.


Or, beat the winter blues with an old proven classic. Go Shopping!




Liked this article? Please share it with your friends using our social icons and help this small pave-surfing niche by being a part of the growing community. 


October 26, 2017

Black Friday 2017 - Best Buys and Deals That You’ll Hate To Miss

Hamboards Black Friday - Cyber Monday Best Deals and Offers on Longboard Skateboard


The timer is on, the countdown to 2017 Black Friday, November 24th has started ticking down and customer anticipations for finding awesome deals are higher than ever.

Black Friday which began in America has become the biggest household shopping event. Even outside the USA, in countries like the United Kingdom, record sales in billions of pounds are getting smashed every year.

People spent a record-breaking $5.17 billion (according to Adobe) buying online in an attempt to cash in on the best deals of the year.

"It was a strong weekend for retailers but an even better weekend for consumers, who took advantage of some really incredible deals" said Matthew Shay, CEO of National Retail Federation.


What's Hamboards Planning for Black Friday 2017?

Get Ready To Save On The Biggest Longboard Skateboard Discount Deals of 2017


Black Friday Cyber Monday Offer Coupons on Longboard Skateboards

 Gus, one of the Hamborg brothers said, "I remember, as kids we just wanted to go out and buy a lot, I mean volume, without spending much. So, that's what I think we should offer our customers.

Donnie nodded while swigging his beer and quipped, "We should make it a Black Friday Bash, a shopping bonanza for surfskaters".

So, we are gearing up to come up with the best Black Friday longboard-skateboard buys and deals in 2017. Sales and deals will be BIGGER, BETTER, BOLDER and prices marked down for everything to make it a shopping extravaganza.

This November 24th, Hamboards will open the doors to the best shopping deals online.

We are getting ready with more inventories, coupons, codes, combo deals and bigger servers to handle traffic overload.

This will be your chance to cash in early and avoid the Christmas rush and those 'Sold Out' signs. Plus, you'll shine with the coolest and hippest presents in town for your loved ones.

Are you ready for the biggest shopping event of the year?

Stay tuned right here. We'll be bringing you more updates on Black Friday 2017 Best Buy Deals.

Plus, we'll ask you about your dream offer. At Hamboards, our customers shape our business, so let us know what you think and you might just get your wish come true.

Don't miss a single coupon or offer

Join us here now. Scroll to the bottom of the page and sign up. 

Get all our Black Friday - Cyber Monday Coupons and Offers straight in your inbox.




October 05, 2017

Best Longboards For Cruising and Carving - Top Recommended Longboards

Top Recommended Longboards 

Longboard surfing is growing in popularity. As more and more people are finding out about the thrill and excitement of this land-sport, there's a sharp increase in Google searches related to longboarding.

Two of the most popular searches I found were ‘best longboards for cruising’ and 'best longboards for carving'. So I decided to write an article to cover both topics.

I’ll admit this is not the easiest article to write for anyone, doesn’t matter if she or he is a manufacturer or has been thrashing the waves and paves since the beginning of longboarding.

This is because it all depends on what you are looking to get out of your longboard.

Most of us longboarders are desperately trying to catch the feeling of waves on land. So, I will talk about the longboards that recreate the feeling of surfing and not skating.

So, without further ado, let’s see what rocks your board.


Best Longboards for Cruising

Ah, we all love this about our longboards, don’t we? Simply hop on the board and let go, enjoy the flow and the motion just the way you love it. Cruising also seems to be one of the top reasons why more people are trying out this new sport.

Oh, at this point it’ll be wise to mention that I’ll not be talking about longish designer skateboards that are sold as longboards.

Why? Because with these longboards, we are trying to simulate sea-surfing and not skating.


If it’s not designed like a surfboard, it won’t behave like one.

Skateboards cannot recreate the surfing experience


On the left-hand side in the image above, you’ve got some awesome looking skateboards, that can do some cool ollies in the skate park.

And on the right, you have a Classic longboard that has the length (6’6”) and shape of a surfboard that enables it to move like a one.

Related Article: Longboard vs skateboard. Similarities and differences.

There’s a number of longboards that are great for cruising. I'll talk about the top 3, as the rest are not the standout longboards you are looking for.


 Classic Bamboo 6’6”

 The best longboard for cruising


Hamboards Classic tops the chart for ultimate cruising. Made from Bamboo, it’s weight, length and classic surfboard shape makes it one of the best cruisers I have been on. You'll feel like you’re floating, just push it a couple of times and let go.

It’s great for beginners as it provides extra stability and a must for all pros and surfers who love cross stepping, nose-riding, pumping and rolling. Its barefoot friendly grip allows you to step on and ride without shoes, so you can really feel the motion and connect with the earth.

The new Classic longboards come with Hamboards' brand new HST Trucks that allow maximum carving without the risk of wheel bite.

 Watch the video below to have a closer look at the Classic. 



There are other longboards that provide great cruising experience. Atom has been a healthy competitor for Hamboards and they have come up with some cool longboards.  

Second in our list for cruisers, is Atom’s Quest Super Cruiser. As the name suggests, this pintail was designed for smooth cruising and carving. This solid performer is ideal for entry-level longboarders.

Landyatchz Bamboo Pinner sits well at third spot for a great cruiser. The 3’8” length provides the deck stability needed for smooth cruising. Made of bamboo, it has an impressive 32” wheelbase and it provides a surf like riding experience. 


Top Longboards for Carving

 Best longboard for carving and cruising


Can’t wait to tear up the turns, right? That’s probably the biggest thing in common among us longboarders. 

Well, for the best carving experience, there’s a couple of things you’ll need to look out for – obviously the deck and then the trucks.

So let’s start with the deck. Flex is something you will need to pump and really be able to drive those carves. So the deck material should ideally be bamboo or maple. Make sure the wood comes from sustainable sources like we do here at Hamboards.

Fiberglass can do the job too but once you’ve been on both you’ll notice the superior flex of natural bamboo.

Pro Tip: Stay away from plastic and low-quality fiberglass longboards to improve your carving skills.


Fish - Dubbed 'Porsche of Longboards'

 Hamboards Fish - Carving at it's best 

This is a longboard that every surf lover wants in their quiver. Made of bamboo, Fish is the world’s best high-performance surfskate longboard.  

This longboard, designed by pro-surfers after the original 70s twin keel surfboard, offers insane rail-to-rail driving turns, speed and power.

Related Article: Why Fish is The World’s Best Carving Land Cruiser

The Fish comes fitted with patent-pending HST Trucks, developed by a NASA engineer and Italian designers. These robust light-weight trucks were built for ‘Xtreme Carving’.





Sector 9 has been a leading force in the skateboard industry. Since the inception of longboard popularity, they have placed their focus on the longer version and delivered some impressive carving longboards like their Chamber Longboard at just under $200. It comes with Gullwing Sidewinder trucks that are great for carving.

Arbors Zeppelin makes a pleasant entry to this list of longboards for carving. It’s not an exact surf-style longboard in looks, and shorter but it’s Gullwing trucks allow a very good carving experience. The board is made up of Bamboo that provides excellent flex for the sweeping turns.


The Takeaway

Whether you fancy the best cruising experience, or you really want to get in there, lean in and rip those turns - you need an awesome deck. And the fact is, you can find kick ass, cool longboards for a lot less than you think.

You can get a top-of-the-range longboard like the Fish for less than 250 bucks. That was unthinkable back in the days.

Get one of these boards I listed above and let me know how it went. I hope you found this article helpful.


Craving for Both Cruise and Insane Deck Lean?

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