6 Ways to Get Your Surf Fix in the Winter

6 Ways to Get Your Surf Fix in the Winter

6 Ways to Get Your Surf Fix in the Winter

Longboarding and surfing in winter

While we in California enjoy almost 365 days of sunshine, we know that many of our fellow Hamboarders are not blessed with such gorgeous weather all year long. And now, with all the rain, ice and snow stopping you from hopping on your plank, you’re probably stuck with the ol’ winter blues.

But, before you put your longboard away for the winter, we’ve got good news. You can still enjoy your favorite sport despite the grim weather. Yes, even if you’re surrounded by snow as you’re reading this.

Here are 7 ways you can still get surf stoked the winter.


1. Get Your Board Winter-Ready

First you need to think about your board because all these harsh winter conditions are not going to be kind to your precious plank. Low temperatures, rain, mud and snow could seriously damage the board if you don’t protect it. 

Waterproof the deck with a waterproofing spray before you head out and thoroughly clean your whole board with special attention to the bearings after each session in the damp weather. Spray some silicone spray on the bearings to prevent rust.

Finally, get a strong set of wheels that work well in wet conditions, ideally above 65mm in diameter and 80a in hardness.


2. Keep Warm

Winter Surfskating

This should go without saying, but before you go out in the cold, make sure you’re dressed for the occasion. Keep in mind that the speed on the longboard will force the windchill and initially make you feel colder than usual.

But, the workout will soon warm you up, so it’s best to layer up so you can easily take something off when you need to. And don’t forget to get yourself a beanie and a pair of gloves.


3. Take Advantage Of Dry Spells

 How to go surf skating in winter


Depending on where you live, the winter will be more or less unforgiving. But, even so, I bet there will be some dry days as well. Keep an eye out on those and make sure to take full advantage of them. Just stay warm, prepare your board for a day out in the cold and hit the streets.


4. Hit An Indoor Skate Park (Or A Parking Garage)

 Longboarding Indoor


If you have an indoor skate park in your area, it will be an amazing way to endure the winter. Here you’ll escape the cold, you’ll keep your beloved logger away from the rain and snow and you’ll meet a bunch of other like-minded skaters and land surfers who can’t wait for the spring, just like you.

And, if you’re not lucky enough to have a skate park nearby, you can always improvise and find a parking garage or a subway. These places are dry, relatively warm and have enough room for practicing your favorite tricks.


5. Stay Safe

 Safe street surfing in winter

I know you’re impatient to surf the streets but don’t ever do it if you know you’re risking getting hurt. These harsh winter conditions are challenging even for the seasoned longboarders and you will constantly need to be alert, much more than usual.

The wind will disrupt your movement, the rain will make it difficult to brake and stop and it might even make you slip and fall off the board. But the worst will be the ice and snow.

My advice – avoid them altogether. They will make your ride completely unpredictable and extremely dangerous. During those snowy days, take a break from turf surfing or hit the indoor skate spots we mentioned.


6. Head Somewhere Warmer

 Hamboards factory


Thousands of impatient land surfers come to California each winter to get their longboarding fix. So, there’s an idea – head somewhere warmer for a few days and take your plank with you.

If you decide to come to Cali, you can even stop by our Hamboards store at Huntington Beach and check out what happens behind the scenes in our workshop.


Final Thoughts

If winter brought you down, we totally get it. But bad weather is not a reason to hang up your logger and forget about longboarding for several months. Just grab a jacket, get your board ready and be a little more careful on the road.

And before you know it, the winter will be gone and the weather will be surf-perfect again. So, hang in there and keep cruising.



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