August 16, 2017

Top 10 Destinations For Longboarding, Must Know for Every Surfer

Backpacking and Longboard Land-Surfing


If you’re thinking of backpacking around the world with your logger, then this article would save you a ton of online digging. Not to mention, traveling with your longboard will save you a ton of cash, especially if you’re thinking of swinging by cities like London and Paris.

If you really want to enjoy the experience of longboarding around the globe, then some cities are definitely better than others, more skate friendly and heaps more fun.

So, let’s just go ahead and see our top 10 list for longboarding. 


10) San Francisco, California

Top 10 Cities for Longboard Skating

Not being biased because it’s our own little backyard, but not many places in the world can match San Francisco for longboarding experience. I admit, the rain can dampen the spirit at times but it more than makes up for that with its legendary hills.

You’d be insane not to bomb these hills Sean Connery escaped from FBI agent Nicholas Cage in The Rock.

It gets better when you get to the top part of Lombard Avenue which by itself makes a perfect slalom course.

So, if you really got a love of longboarding, then San Fran is the go to place.


9) Los Angeles, California

Top Destinations for Longboard Skating

Once again, this has nothing to do with me loving my own country/state but it so happens that LA is REALLY a longboarding haven. The history of skateboarding started here and till date, it’s one of the best places to roll around on planks on wheels.

LA proudly boasts more legendary spots for longboarding as well as skateboarding than any other city across 5 continents.

So make sure not to miss the Mecca of Longboarding/Skateboarding.


8) Barcelona, Spain

Longboard surfing destinations Europe

Ah, one of my top places of all time and not just for the amazing longboarding experience. A list without Barcelona would just be incomplete. The Catalan capital in the heart of Europe has to be one of the skate friendliest cities in the world.

It has been the epicenter of Europe and Australia’s Longboarding scene for a long time thanks to its warm climate and long expanses of skate friendly concretes. This is Europe’s top destination for longboarders.

Europe Skating Destinations, Hamboards

So now you know where to hop off with that Classic or Logger next time you’re in Europe.

7) Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Top longboard surfing destinations South America

If you thought I was obsessed about Spain, then wait. Rio is famous for its beautiful beaches and promenades but what makes this perfect for longboarding are the cycle paths along Copacabana can Ipanema beachfront, and of course, the spirit of the city itself.

The soul of Rio is what every longboarder craves to touch and feel. Trouble is, you’ll never be the same again after cruising around in Rio. Don’t miss.

6) Col de Turini – Italy

Best Longboard Skating Destinations, Europe

Fan of UK TV series Top Gear? Well, good news is we are on the same page with them, we agree that Col de Turini is a dream destination for anyone seeking downhill rush on wheels. And there’s no better way to do it than on a longboard.

Italy is famous for its smooth tarmac and there are enough hairpins even for the biggest adrenaline junkies.


5) Titan’s Path, Norway

World's best destination for downhill longboard cruising

If Europe and hairpins are what you after, then expect that and a lot more from this little village called Lysebotn of Forsand municipality in Rogaland county, Norway.

Not only can you camp right in the middle of breathtaking nature but this place offers one of the most amazing downhill roads in Europe. The terrain is smooth and stretches to a kilometer in length. It’s a beast.

For curves like this, consider taking a longboard like our Pinger. These hairpins call for a board that carves better than average boards.

The Pinger is one of the best longboards in the world today. It comes with huge 200mm spring torsion trucks with massive riser pads and deep wheel wells for insane maneuverability and carving.

World's best longboard skateboarding places

Love hairpins and crazy turns?

Get your Pinger here while stock lasts.

4) Malaga, Spain

Ultimate Skateboarding Cities in Europe

Malaga might be known for its club debauchery, but few know it’s one of the top spots in the world for longboarding thrill seekers. The weather is perfect and this southern Spanish coastal town averages 11 hours of sunshine in July and August.

Malaga has vast expanses of longboarding terrains, both along the coast and the hill slopes of Andalucia. So you get the best of both. A word of advice here, keep clear of England soccer fans or you might end up in a barrel of beer throughout your stay, good crack but you’ll miss out on longboarding.


3) Malmo, Sweden

Even though the weather in Malmo is not longboarding friendly for the most part of the year (rains for an average of 169 days a year and often snow covered in winter), the 17 hours long summer days more than make up for the dull days.

Malmo offers a plethora of smooth pavements that are ideal for longboarding on boards like Huntington Hop and Pescadito.

Smooth sidewalk surfing longboard Pescadito

The city is something of a center for Swedish skateboard culture and you’ll find plenty of wicked skate-parks (that host international contest) to go cruising with cool locals.

2) Portland, Oregon

Top USA Skateboarding Cities

Portland can comfortably claim the top spot for being the world’s longboard friendliest city. The Rip city boasts skate-lanes next to many of their bike lanes so you can save dosh and the environment at the same time while cruising on your longboard.

Make sure you pump the Springwater Corridor which is fairly flat for the most part and the Eastside Esplanade. The Washington Hills offers short hills with fun turns.

The smooth roads on Prune Hill is another hidden gem for longboarders. Hit it early in the morning for the most amazing land-surfing experience.

1) Cape Town, South Africa

World's best longboard cruising and surfing destinations

Cape Town tops the list for longboarders. It is an international surf hotspot. Surf fans from around the world and the locals enthusiastically go longboarding even when the waves are breaking. The city enjoys a skate-friendly climate throughout the year, it apparently gets more sunshine than Madrid.

You’ll find hill slopes to roll all around the town and long seafront promenades that's just awesome for cruising and turning. And should you have some need for kickflips, they’ve just built a new skate-park just for that.


The Final Bend

So, there’s our list of top 10 spots for longboard land surfing.

These are but just a few spots on the globe I could pin down. There are scores of other great cities to go cruising, like Seoul in South Korea.

The soul and ‘dharma’ of your longboard really shows when you take it elsewhere. The same board drives differently in different hills, different terrains.

So, next time you’re thinking of backpacking, take your longboard with you. And make sure to pack in those extra Truck Springs and Turning Bearings to match the slopes.


See Which Longboard Suits Your Terrain

At Hamboards no two boards are the same

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August 14, 2017

How Longboarding Can Make You A Better Surfer

How To Improving Surfing Skills With a Longboard


In the ideal scenario, we would like to be able to surf every day. That's why few things are more frustrating for surfers than a flat day. But, some 60 years ago, a group of surfers decided not to let a flat day spoil their fun.

They came up with an idea.

What if they could imitate surfing by putting wheels on wood planks? So, that's exactly what they did and they called it "street surfing."

The concept sounds familiar? That's because these guys invented skateboards.

Skateboarding has its roots in surfing, and today, it's still a great way to practice your surfing skills on dry land and become a better surfer.

Of course, the first skateboards were far from what they are today. They were crude with metal wheels, so they weren't exactly flexible enough to recreate that surfing feeling. Today, we have numerous skateboard models, some of them created specially to replicate the surfing experience, just like all the Hamboards models.

Longboard Skating To Improve Surfing Skills

From then on, skateboards helped surfers take advantage of flat days but they also started serving as an inspiration and practice for the actual surf. Surfers started practicing complex aerial stunts on their skateboards, trying to recreate them on the waves.

However, while professional surfers now use skateboards and longboards to prepare and polish advanced tricks for the contests, novice and intermediate surfers can also benefit from longboarding.

So, how does longboarding make you a better surfer?


You can't surf every day. Sometimes the waves are just not breaking, the beach is overcrowded, the weather is terrible. Or, you may live inland and you don't have access to the ocean whenever you like. This lack of consistency can seriously affect your skills. With longboarding, you can practice the moves even when you're not able to surf.


Land-surfing skateboarding to help surfers


Board-body Technique

Longboarding and surfing require a very similar board-body technique. Simply said, this is the way your body connects to the board in order to perform certain movements. Novice surfers will find this particularly useful so they can get the feel of the board and try out the carves, turns and smooth transitions on flat ground.  

Balance and Coordination


Skating To Improve Surfing Skills


Another thing that longboarding helps you practice is balance and coordination. Riding the pavement helps you get familiar with the board and teaches you how to distribute the weight for each maneuver. For example, longboarding helps you learn how to keep your feet apart and how to lean on your back foot when doing a turn - all the important lessons for when you actually step on the surfboard.


Practicing sea surfing on land


Cruising and Flowing

Not everything in surfing is about the crazy stunts and maneuvers. You first need to learn how to walk before you can learn how to run, right? That's why you might want to ditch your regular skateboard for a longboard. Longboards are excellent for practicing cruising and flowing as they replicate mid-length and longboard-style surfing quite well.

Hamboards Classic was created with that in mind - to recreate the essence of surfing with the familiar feeling of thrashing, cruising and flowing. And, the inevitable noseriding that comes with the longboard.


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Balancing on a longboard or a skateboard activates the same groups of muscles as surfing does. This means that longboarding will increase your strength and get you in shape for the actual surfboard. For a more serious workout, choose a shortboard like Pescadito that will boost your leg strength and simultaneously activate your whole body as you're doing pumps and slashes.

Muscle building for surfing


Muscle Memory

Not only will you increase the strength of your muscles and get in shape for the surf, you will actually teach your muscles how to behave in certain maneuvers. This is called muscle memory. On dry land, you will be able to do the same maneuver until you get it right. And, once you're surfing, it will be much easier to repeat those movements because the practice will translate onto the board.

More Board Time

When you're surfing, you will actually spend the least time standing on the board. There will be a lot of waiting around for the right moment, for the swell, for your turn on the wave and so on. Then there's paddling, falling and swimming, and these are all part of the surfing experience. However, longboarding will give you more time to practice on the board and prepare you for the most fun part of surfing - riding the wave.

Final Thoughts

We love the swells but it’s simply not possible to be under the barrel every day. And some of you are simply landlocked.

However, that should not stop us from surfing. Not with our Longboard series. Get yourself prepped and in shape, plus have all the fun of being on the streets.

So, next time you're craving surf and the waves are flat, beaches are overcrowded or you are simply too far away, just remember that you can always go street surfing. Simply grab your favorite longboard skateboard and surf the paves.

And don't be too stoked if you notice your surfing skills have improved the next time you’re on the waves.

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August 12, 2017

Ultimate Longboard Surfer’s Diet Plan – The Perfect Beach Body


Surfer Diet Plan 

 Riding the pave is definitely not the same as riding the wave, but there are plenty of similarities between the two sports.

In case you didn't know, longboarding is quite physically demanding and it activates the same body parts as surfing. In fact, longboarding can be an excellent exercise to prepare you for surfing and help you enhance your wave-riding skills. 

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 Even though you're cruising the streets and not taming the waves, you are working your body and burning calories. So, if you want to be a serious land surfer, you will need to have a proper diet. Besides, who wouldn't love to have a lean body and be as healthy and energetic as the pro surfers?

So, why do you need to take care of your diet?


Well, the food you eat is supposed to give your body the right nutrients to provide you with energy, help your body grow and develop and regulate body processes. You already know that carbohydrates and fats give us the energy and that proteins are crucial for building muscles. So, if you want to have a surfer bod, you need to find that fine balance between these nutrients.

Do you want to know the secret to a beach-perfect surfer body? Well, the secret is to have a perfect surfer diet plan.


Professional surfers can't have too much body fat, but they can't have too much muscle either. It's all in the balance. Every pound extra could jeopardize their performance on the board and ruin their precision. Hence they have to stick to a surfer diet that’s just right.

Of course, longboarding isn't as demanding as the actual surfing, but we got a serious inspiration for creating our own meal plan by copying the surfer diet. Especially since the diet is based on "everything in moderation" motto and includes some incredibly yummy stuff.


Healthy meal plan for surfers 

Here are the main nutrients of a surfer diet:

  • Protein with as little saturated fat as possible
  • Complex carbohydrates
  • Fiber-rich foods
  • Low-fat dairy

Ready to look like a surfer? Here's your yum surfer’s diet plan:



If you're planning to hit the board in the morning, you should stick to foods low in fiber and fat so that you prevent any possible digestive problems. And, if you're planning to cruise later, you can have a heavier breakfast. Here are some ideas!


  • Fresh fruit and Greek yoghurt - Probably the most delicious way to start the day, which is also light and healthy. Try to stick to the berries that you can mix with the yoghurt, or even add nuts to the mix and you've made your own tasty cereal bowl.
  • Coffee - Bet you thought that coffee is going to be against the rules but it's not. Just try to stick to one cup a day. 


Surfer Breakfast


  • Protein bars or cereal - If you're a fan of cereal, choose one that's high in fiber and low in sugar.
  • Oatmeal - A good old oatmeal is great if you don't want to experiment too much. And if you want to make it exciting, add some almonds or berries to it.
  • Eggs - When a light breakfast is just not going to cut it, you can always go with the eggs. Just remember that they are protein bombs and adjust the rest of your day to it.
  • Tofu - Tofu is a tasty and excellent alternative for vegetarians. It’s an excellent source of calcium, omega-3 fatty acids, manganese, copper, selenium, protein, ironand phosphorus.


Tofu Nutrient Facts 

Source: World’s Healthiest Foods


And the best part is that you can mix it with any veggies you like.



Surfers base their lunch on lots of protein and lots of vegetables, so make sure to include those in your meal every day.


Lunch Surfer


  • Grilled chicken or beef - When you're up for a heavier lunch, chicken or beef are your best choice. Grill it up and serve it with some steamed veggies.
  • Black beans, brown rice and sweet potato - Not at the same time, of course, but these are great when you're not planning a workout that's not too demanding.Brown rice is one of the healthiest carb choices, only the hull is removed during milling, so unlike white rice, the bran and cereal germ are preserved and hence contains more natural nutrients like manganese, phosphorus, selenium, copper and vitamin B3.
  • Salad - A salad is always a great choice because it's full of vitamins. And if you think a salad can't really satisfy your hunger, think again. Just include some chicken, fish, or shrimp and I guarantee you'll be full.


Snacks for Longboard Skaters


Don't worry, you can have a lean surfer body and still afford to snack. And I have some great ideas that are healthy but will still satisfy your snack appetite. Just remember not to go overboard whatever you decide to nibble on till dinner.


  • Nuts or an energy bar
  • Fresh or dried fruit
  • Fruit smoothie
  • Fresh vegetables
  • Banana and peanut butter
  • Dark chocolate 



Your dinner should be somewhat heavy and protein and carbohydrate packed, especially if you've just returned from a longboarding session. You need to recharge your batteries and recover your muscles. Here's what you can try. 

  • Fresh fish with veggies - Salmon with steamed broccoli, spinach, asparagus or sweet potatoes will make a great combination.


Fish meal surfer diet


  • Whole-wheat tortilla - Fill it up with some chicken, beans, rice and even low-fat cheese. Top it up with fresh home made salsa for extra zing.


Find The Balance

 Did you know that you can even eat fast food on this diet? Yup, it's allowed. A lot of surfers actually like to indulge themselves every once in a while with a burger or a pizza. It's just important not to over do it.

The point of a surfer diet is not to starve yourself or deprive yourself of anything. Eating everything in moderation, staying hydrated at all times and finding that perfect balance of all the necessary nutrients.  

If you stick to this idea you will not only improve your longboarding skills but also become much healthier and happier in your skin.


Do you know what else goes great with this delicious diet?

A longboard.

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August 10, 2017

Why Fish Is One Of The Best High-Performance Earth-Surfer


Fish Longboard Skateboard

If there is one street surfboard that every skating fan must have in their quiver, it’s the Fish I believe.

We like to call our Fish the world’s best high-performance turf-board. And, there are some plank solid reasons behind that.

So, today I want to show you why we make such a bold claim and how it became such a favorite among longboard street surfers across the globe.

The traditional twin keel Fish surfboard developed in mid-70s by Steve Lis, was the original inspiration behind our creation.


Anatomy of Fish surfboard - Hamboards

The traditional twin keel surfboard designed in the 70s


We wanted to introduce the same design to our collection of land boards. And it's precisely the design that makes the Fish the best high-performance board because it combines the best of both worlds in surfing - stability and maneuverability.

Here's how we recreated the design for the perfect street surf.

The Nose


The nose of the fish is a mix of a longboard's and a shortboard's nose. While a longboard has a rounded nose that provides better stability, a shortboard has a sharp nose that is more aerodynamic and ensures speed.

Hamboards Fish brings the same shape as its original surfboard - a slightly pointed nose that not only makes this board stylish but also allows the best rail-to-rail driving turns along with speed.

The Volume

When it comes to the width and weight, there is a slight difference in the effect this feature provides in water and on dry land. Both the surfboard and Hamboards Fish are quite massive, thick and heavy. But, whereas this volume slows the board down in the water, on land it gives it more acceleration and velocity.

The Tail

The fish has that distinctive swallow tail that it's famous for, and we made sure to incorporate it into the design.


The Fishtail of Hamboards

The shape of the Fish's tail again allows this board to provide enough stability and balance to the surfer while also ensuring more control during the turns.

The Length

When we're talking about surfboards, the fish is the shortest model. But, when it comes to Hamboards, Fish is smack bang in the middle. It's 4'5'' long and it's a perfect mix of the extremes that the longboards and shortboards represent.


Fish is stable and great for carving just like the shorter models, but it's also suitable for land paddling like all the longboards in our collection.

Because of its medium size, light weight and agility, it’s most often the favorite travel companion for backpackers.

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The Wheels

Fish Hamboards Wheels


One of the most key components of earth-surfing longboards are the wheels. Fish brings you the smoothest ride and insane maneuverability with its huge spring torsion trucks, massive riser pads and deep wheel wells.

Thanks to the retro 70s design that's both stylish and highly functional, Fish is now one of our proudest accomplishments and one of our best-selling boards.

By incorporating features from our other models, we got a unique board that's stable, but also fast and loose.


The Takeaway

When you cruise a Fish, you will experience Hamboarding at its finest. Fish is best used for progressive surf-style riding, so we recommend it to the intermediate and advanced riders who will really know how to tame this beast and make the most of it.

However, even the beginners are guaranteed to have fun on it.

No matter how experienced you are in turf surfing, one thing is for certain – you’re in for a ride when you thrash on a Fish.

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August 10, 2017

Longboarding Health and Fitness Benefits - The Perfect Surfer Body

Not everyone has the luxury of living by an ocean. And when you think about it, most of us live somewhere landlocked.

So if you’re living far from the coast and thinking you simply can’t have the beach perfect surfer body, then think again.

Street-surfing comes with a host of fitness benefits that are similar to sea surfing. In fact, as a sea surfer, I go and hit the turf with a longboard to get myself ready for the swells.

Yes, longboarding is super fun and almost anyone can do it regardless of age or experience level. But, that doesn't mean it's a walk in the park without tremendous health and fitness benefits.  

Many longboarders consider this recreational activity as a part of their workout routine because it has so many positive effects on the body. And the best part is, longboarding is an outdoor workout that you will love, which means you will want to stick with it even if you do get tight muscles afterwards.


Hamboards Fitness

5 Ways Longboarding Improves your Health and Fitness.

Cardio and Heart Health

Cardio is every exercise that makes your heart beat faster, and longboarding does just that. By moving your body, you are elevating your heart rate and making your cardiovascular system stronger. Ultimately, cardio exercise helps your body deliver more oxygen to your muscles and burn more fat during the workout.

Aside from strengthening your heart, longboarding also improves your lung capacity and builds your stamina.

If you want a solid cardio workout on your longboard, try making it a part of your work day. For example, you can try longboarding on your commute. Shorter models are ideal for this because they are light and easily portable; just like the Biscuit that fits inside a backpack.

You can boost your cardio intensity and get the blood pumping with a SUP Skate Paddle.

By kicking your feet and paddling at the same time, you are making your whole body work harder than usual, resulting in intense cardio core workout while having a bag of fun.


Workout and Lose Fat

Longboarding is possibly the most enjoyable way to lose those unwanted bits. Slam on your longboard and after only an hour of skating, you’ll burn 300 calories in a 125-pound person and 444 calories in an 185-pound person.

Skate every day and you’ll be burning between 2000 – 3000 calories a week. See why our Hamboards community looks so fit?


At this point, it’s important to remember that a healthy balanced diet will help you lose fat quicker and stay toned.

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Hamboards Health and Stamina

Longboarding also helps you strengthen the muscles of the whole body.

First of all, there's the legs which play the biggest role. You need to balance on the board with one leg, push yourself with the other, brake, pump and do the turns. You need your leg strength for all of these. And as soon as you start longboarding, you'll notice your gluteuses and quads tightening.

Once you slam on that board with your paddles, you start to fire your muscle fibers. This allows you to generate serious muscle power.

Longboarding is a complete physical sport/activity. When you paddle down the turf, several muscles kick into action –




the trapezius

rectus abdominis

latissimus dorsi and


Longboarding will also help you strengthen your core and maybe even wake up those sleepy abs.

Yes, your legs will be doing most of the work, but your core will help you keep the balance on the board and do all those maneuvers. Don't be surprised if you feel like you've been doing crunches after a longboarding session.

Hamboards Surfers Health and Fitness


If you're not particularly active, you can also expect to feel a little stiffness in your arms. As you're balancing on the board and doing the stunts and turns, your arms are going to be spread out or moving along with your body. So, there may be some unexpected tightness in your biceps and triceps too.



Longboarding burns some 4 to 7 calories per minute, making it quite a solid aerobic activity. But aside from being a great cardio and strength exercise, longboarding also helps you increase your entire body's flexibility.



And, even though we mostly have weight-loss and muscle strength in mind as the goals when we start working out, flexibility should not be overlooked. A flexible body is more dynamic and it stays young longer.

This will also prevent injuries both on and off the longboard.



Improved balance is one of the best exercise benefits that longboarding brings.

Hamboards Balance

If you're one of those people who have trouble standing on one leg, longboarding might help you with that.

This hobby is also great if you want to improve your coordination and overall body balance. And you'll notice that as soon as you step on the board and realize that switching your weight from one leg to two and vice versa isn't as easy as it seems.


Final Take

There are several other benefits of Longboarding like increased stamina, stress-relief, self-gratification and confidence, mental health, better sleep, stronger bones. The list goes on.

Whether you do longboarding as a casual pastime in the park, or you use it to travel to work every day, you are doing something positive for your body. And you don't have to break your back to become fitter and improve your shape.

That's the magic of longboarding. Just get out there, have fun and feel the good vibes take over your body. Soon, you'll notice that you're healthier and that you feel great in your skin.  

Ready to break a sweat and have a blast while you do?

Check out our store

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July 31, 2017

So What’s The New Fuss About Turkish Towels?

To be honest even seven months ago, I was completely oblivious to the existence of Turkish Towels. I was happily dabbing myself dry with the standard terry-cotton ones.

Like most of us, I never related my towels to luxury. It was just something to dry myself with. Pretty sad.

And then a friend of mine introduced to me these cool SandCloud Turkish Towels.

And what happened next?

I completely went all out for these fab, absorbent and super soft Turkish Towels.

And when I heard that the company actually uses part of their profit to protect our oceans and conserve marine life, I decided to include their towels as our new product line.

These awesome SandCloud Towels have the same personality as Hamboards, so it was a no brainer.

You can tuck these in your backpack’s front chamber and ride to the beach. On top, they are versatile, you can throw them on the beach or by the poolside, wear them as a sarong or scarf and can even use them as a summer throw.

Let me explain a bit more before you scroll down straight away and get one for yourself.


Turkish Towels Vs Terry-cloth Towels

Turkey is known for some of the highest quality cotton in the world. And that’s what these babies are made of – the finest quality Turkish cotton.



This cotton is woven with longer staple fibers than average terry-cloth which makes the fabric softer, stronger and more absorbent. Seriously, it is better in every way.

These towels, also known as Peshtemal or Hammam towels are the ultimate thing of luxury. They are traditionally hand-woven on looms in Turkey and have been part of the rich traditional Turkish Bath (Hammam) for centuries.

The soft cotton is lightweight and super absorbent and they dry up way faster than their heavyweight terry-cotton counterparts.

Plus, the SandCloud Turkish towels come in bright colors and cool quirky patterns.  



And what more? Throw it on the beach, pick it up and the sand won’t stick to it.

And the colors are so cool that some people are using them to decorate their rooms as tapestries. Imagine hanging your ordinary towel as an embellishment for your living or bedroom.

On top of that, these Turkish cotton towels are so durable that they’ll keep you company on the beach or the poolside for years to come.

Here’s a typical review of of SandCloud Towels. And there are thousands of them.


Great little towel! Love the feel and that sand doesn't stick! Vibrant colors look great regardless of weather. Bought 2, the 2nd one as a gift but the colors may not be equal as they are hand-dyed. Dries quickly and doesn't take much space. Perfect for the beach!

Sandy Y


I absolutely love my sand cloud towel! Before I even unrolled it and used it, I received 2 compliments! The pattern and color are gorgeous!

Brittany H

Every other review pretty much carries the same tone. And that says a lot about these hand-loomed exotic towels.

The SandCloud Turkish Towels are 100% Turkish cotton, soft, sturdy, absorbent and smooth. And there’s a soft or funky design to match your style or if your décor (if you’re an interior designer).



And The Winner Is ..

I’m going to let you decide this one. That fact is there wasn’t even a fair fight. These exotic towels out-do our old fashioned traditional towels in every way.

So, think luxury and comfort for patting yourself dry or just going to the beach. Your body will love the touch.

And oh! I forgot to mention. You’ll become a part of the growing Eco-Friendly family when you buy these babies from SandCloud Towels.


Drape Yourself With This Beauty Today

10% of the profit will go to conserve marine life.

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July 31, 2017

Longboard Or Shortboard? Know Which One Is Right For You

Before you dip your feet in the water or get tight with the exciting world of landsurfing, there's one question that you need to answer: Is it a longboard or a shortboard?

This is the ultimate dilemma every surfing beginner has had on their mind.

Whether you're surfing the waves or paves with Hamboards, you need to pick the board that you'll be most comfortable with.

So, let's settle this question once and for all - what is the difference between a longboard and a shortboard? And, which one is right for you?



When talking about classic surfboards, longboards are considered to be the surfboards above 9 feet. Obviously, these boards are the longest ones and have the biggest surface. And, it's their volume that makes them more stable and easy to navigate in the water.

This is exactly why the beginners usually opt for longboards as they're learning the ropes of this thrilling sport. A longboard will give you more space to plant your feet and safely carve the swells and curves when you’re on land.


But, don't be fooled thinking that a longboard equals boring surf. Yes, longboards are meant for smaller, mellower waves, but they provide an amazing feel of gliding through the water that a shortboard cannot give you. And, they are the first choice for the fans of nose-riding.

The same goes for your new Hamboard. Its volume will give you the security and balance as you're navigating the paves. But you won't lose that feeling of freedom and wind in your hair as you're gliding smoothly and effortlessly.

However, if you're surfing the pavement, you should ideally get used to a shorter logger before riding the big guy.

But hey, then again, there’s no rule saying you can’t have the big logger for your first board.

There is one important difference between traditional surfboards and Hamboards. On land, only the experienced riders choose the longboards since they are larger and heavier, thus more difficult to navigate.

Our signature longboard is the Classic. Dubbed "our most noseridable board," you can already tell this board promises a lot of fun.

We named the model "Classic" due to its classic style and performance. This board captures the essence of surfing and brings insane maneuverability that advanced riders will love.



Once you get the hang of surfing the barrel with a longboard, it's time to switch to the shortboard. These boards are shorter and smaller in volume, which makes them more challenging to navigate. But, their aerodynamic shape and design also make them incredibly fun to ride.

There's nothing quite similar to the sharp cuts and pivots you can do with a shortboard, provided you have enough skill and confidence. Precisely because of that, shortboards are usually a better choice for the experienced surfers.

Shortboards provide the best feeling in strong, powerful waves and there's a great deal of timing necessary to get the surf just right as you come face to face with these monstrous waves.


Paves Are Not Waves

You won't have to worry about the waves on your Hamboard, but you'll still enjoy the same shortboard feeling on land. In fact, our shortboards are designed to fit the beginners.

With one of the shorter models, you can enjoy the thrill of the sharp turns, instant changes of direction and other maneuvers even as you're just starting out.


One of the shortboard models we're most proud of is our adorable Biscuit. It's so simple to ride that even kids can do it. And they actually do - this is our youngest fans' favorite board.

A Biscuit is great for practicing until you're ready to hit a larger board, and it's super convenient and easily portable. It fits inside a backpack!


Ready To Choose? Here’s the Final Take.

We've settled the dilemma!

While traditional longboards provide stability in the water, land riders should probably steer clear of them as they're starting out. Longboards' volume and weight could cause problems to the beginners so they're a better choice for the advanced riders.

When it comes to the shortboards, in tradition surfing, they are usually the go-to boards for the experienced and the professionals. But, in land surfing, shortboard is the ideal board for those who are just starting out and learning the ropes.

So, what's your next ride going to be - a longboard or a shortboard? Let us know in the comments!

Ready to for the swell feeling? Get Your Perfect Logger Today

Whether it's a longboard or shortboard, you're in the right place




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July 31, 2017

5 Things We Can Do To Preserve Marine Life


Here at Hamboards, we usually talk about boards, wheels, springs, woodcraft, freedom of motion, fitness etcetera etcetera.

Today I wanted to talk about something else, something that is as well very close to my heart - our oceans.

If you’re a surfer or simply grew up by the seaside, chances are that you’ve already felt the deep connection that is between you and the ocean swells, the rhythm of the waves, the vibrancy and life inside.

But let's leave all that blissful connection aside for a minute and see what the oceans actually do for us.

Oceans make our air breathable. They absorb 50 times more carbon than the atmosphere and produce 70-80% of all the air we breathe.

Without the oceans and the life in it, we would simply suffocate.

No matter how close or far you live from the shores, oceans and the life in them affect your life and the lives of your families and friends.

Life on land is intimately dependent on the oceans.

Save Our Oceans And Life Within

Historically, we used to think that we can never take too much out or put too much waste in our waters. WE WERE WRONG!

According to a recent report, approximately 2,270 marine species are listed as endangered or threatened.



Time to act before it’s too late.

Whether you’re living close to the coastline, or hundreds of miles away, we can all take part in preserving these beautiful oceans and life in them.

And we can do this just by being a little more thoughtful and carrying out little acts of kindness. 

How You Can Help Preserve Marine Life



Education - The best way to help marine life is by spreading awareness. Give yourself a little bit of time and learn more about life in the oceans. Most of us are oblivious to the existence of creatures like Vaquita or other porpoises.

The more you learn, the more you will understand and connect with the oceans and the lives within. Take that knowledge and start spreading the awareness.

Donate – There are a plethora of organizations in need of funds to help aid conservation.

Save the Vaquita is one of many trying to prevent their extinction with less than 30 remaining in 2016.

We are doing our best to support life in our seas and raise awareness.

You too can help


Buy Ocean-Friendly Gifts
Buy one of these luxury SandCloud Towels from our store, 10% of the profit will go to help conserve marine life.

Eat sustainable food: Global fishing industry is facing a meltdown. According to U.N. Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), 75% the world’s fisheries are now overexploited or fully exploited and significantly depleted.

Irresponsible fishing habits with Gill-nets and poaching has led to the near extinction of Vaquitas today.

Eat Eco-Friendly Fishes and try eating local as much as possible. When shopping, look for fishes that are harvested in a sustainable way.


Image source:

Adopt (Symbolic) – No, you do not need to house one in your swimming pool. You can adopt a sea animal at the National Marine Life Center for as little as $85.

You’ll receive a certificate, a picture of the animal and some other cool goodies to remind you of your generous contribution.

Clean your local beach – Did you know a jaw dropping 8 million tons of plastic go to the ocean each year? You can grab a few friends and have a fun day out while cleaning the beach.


The Great Pacific Garbage Patch


This will not only keep your beaches clean but will also prevent marine life from getting ill from toxic litters.

Ditch Plastic – The Great Pacific Garbage Patch is a boundless soup of microscopic litter debris.

The image above might convince you to break up with plastic altogether. This non-biodegradable hazard sits quietly in our household and ends up in our oceans.

Plastic bags decompose in 20 years and plastic bottles take up to 450 years.

You can use paper bags or take your own bag when going shopping.

Stop buying bottled water. Carry your own cool Save The Fishies Glass Water Bottle.

“A 2008 investigation by the nonprofit Environmental Working Group found some bottled water is sullied with untested industrial chemicals” (National Geographic).

This way, you save money, fossil fuel (used for transporting bottled water and keeping them chilled) and conserve our oceans.


The Take Away

Our little blue planet is turning into litter-sphere because of our unsustainable lifestyle.

The earth’s getting hotter, the ice caps are melting, air is getting more and more toxic, life on earth is disappearing.

Small acts of understanding and kindness from us can go a long way to change this. When we all set ourselves small goals, it’ll help the bigger picture.

We deserve a better life, our future generation deserves a greener planet. And we can do this together.


Buy An Ocean Friendly Gift!

Enjoy A Luxury Eco-Friendly Turkish Beach Towel. Save Ocean Life

Get Your Own Ocean-Friendly Towel

“I love my towel ... I always have it in my bag now :) it's sooo pretty and convenient... hoping to purchase the save the fishies water bottle next”.

Cori E



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July 31, 2017

Size Matters. 10 Things Longboarders MUST Know


Whether you're just starting out and buying your first board, or you're switching to a longboard from a shorter board, you should know that size matters. 

In fact, we've compiled a list of 10 things all longboarders must know before stepping on their boards and riding the pave.

  1.         Sizes vary from the traditional surfboards

While regular longboards range from 8 to 14 feet in length, Hamboards' sizes are a little different. In our collection, longboards are all boards between 5' and 6'6'' in length. You can check them out in the Comparison Board to see which board size suits you best.


  1.         Best for riders over 100 lbs

Hamboards don't really have a weight limit, and riders of all sizes can use them. But, there are some guidelines you should follow to get the most out of your board and get the best performance. So, while Biscuit is often recommended to kids, our longboards are perfect for adult riders over 100 lbs.

  1.         More suited to advanced riders

This is another crucial difference between our land boards and regular surfboards. In surfing, longboards are recommended to the beginners because of their larger volume and ease of navigation.

However, at Hamboard we have one for everyone.

Whereas the baked, seasoned skate-heads might find the ultimate joy of thrashing on our Logger, I might not recommend it for beginners unless you're like me and want to learn it the hard way. Since they are heavier, they do require a certain amount of skill for the best performance and experience on the board.

There's an easier way to get the best out of longboards for the beginners and intermediate riders.

I suggest the Classic. Only minimal effort releases the Classic’s natural flowing urge to roll, allowing it to sustain momentum better than any other longboard. It's great if you're just starting and a complete dream plank for the intermediate riders.

Still not sure whether you need a shortboard or a longboard? Check out our blog on the dilemma here.


Related Article: Longboard Vs Shortboard Debate. Which One Is Right For You


  1.         Captures the essence of surfing

Whether you're a pro surfer, a surfing enthusiast, or you've never stepped on the surfboard before, it doesn't matter. A longboard like our Classic will make you feel like you're riding the actual swell in the ocean. Hamboard longboards capture the essence of surfing and cater to those who wish to control every portion of the wave - even on dry land.

  1.         Provides the classic style and performance

All three of our longboards provide that ultimate combination of classic style and impeccable performance. A Classic will blow your mind with an incredible momentum that no other board can match. Whereas a Logger is perfect for cruising, noseriding and just enjoying that familiar surfing sensation.



  1.         Built to last

Quality is incredibly important to us. That's why all our boards (longboards and shortboards) are extremely durable and built to stand the test of time.

Classics are carefully constructed with the finest materials including hand-painted, laminated birch deck or super-hard bamboo. The same top-notch quality bamboo is what we use for Pingers, while Loggers are made from American Black Walnut blended with White Aspen stringers.

All three models are protected with durable solvent-free UV resistant grip coating.

  1.         Unforgettable performance

Once you learn the ropes of land boarding and learn a few tricks, longboards will blow your socks off. Classics and Pingers are dubbed the world's most surfable longboards, so you already know you're in for a memorable ride. They combine stability with insane maneuverability for incredible stunts and turns.



  1.         Versatile and fun

Great thing about longboards is that they adjust to your riding style so easily. Just pick out your ideal longboard and match it to your style.

Classics, as their name suggests, are perfect for that classic surf-style riding and landpaddling that will almost make you feel like you're in the water. Their slightly shorter cousin Pinger is the ideal blend of carving, noseriding and landpaddling. And, our shortest longboard Logger is awesome all around; great for cruising, noseriding and thrashing.

  1.         Created by athletes

It's no secret that Hamboards aims to recreate the authentic surf feeling. That's why the boards are shaped, sized and structured to perfectly capture that sensation.

But, did you know that our boards are created by serious athletes? Classics, for example, were hand-crafted by athletes obsessed by recreating the true experience of surfing.



  1.   Perfect for (almost) all ages

While the groms (under 8-year old riders) might find these longboards a little hard to carry around (who adore pumping our shortboards), there are no particular age groups for riding the longboards. That’s what makes them so fantastic - anyone can enjoy them.

It doesn't matter whether you're 23 or 63; you will fall in love with your board instantly. You don’t have to be fit or have any previous training either. As long as you're up for it, you can ride the pave.

Ready For The Longboard

Now that you know all the facts, you're ready for your next longboard. Make sure to choose the one that matches your style and the performance you're looking for. But, you won't go wrong with either one of our models.

Is there something we missed? We'd love to hear your thoughts. Please leave a comment.

And if you found this helpful, please share it within your circle.


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Hamboards team rider and SUP professional Mo Freitas and his friends take a break from a Pro SUP Surf contest to ride Hamboards at the end of Route 76 near Crystal Pier in Wrightsville Beach, NC. Hamboards proving to be one of the best short boarder, long boarder, and SUP boarder training tool. Especially with our SUPSkate paddles.

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