Tip #2, Get Your Hamboards Crew

Tip #2, Get Your Hamboards Crew

Tip #2, Get Your Hamboards Crew


Every Hammer needs a crew - it just makes riding way more fun. Invite your friends out to surf skate with you and make a day of it. Bring music, have a picnic, take some photos and surf the pavement.

If your friends don’t already have a Hamboard I’ll tell you how it will play out. The crew shows up with there longboards and skateboards and you all start skating around. After a couple of minutes your friends are going to be begging to try out your Hamboard...to which you’ll politely reply, “Sure, you can try it! But don’t get any ideas…” By the end of your skate session, your friends are going to be dreaming of Hamboards when they go to sleep. And this is good news for you. Why? They are probably going to head to the Hamboard Site and get one of their very own.

So why is it so awesome when your friends are also riding Hamboards? If you plan it strategically, you’ll all be buying different boards so when you surf skate you can take turns riding all the Hamboard styles. You’ll be able to cruise, carve and paddle changing it up along the way.

When you go out to ride, try and bring a variety of board lengths. A nice combo is the Biscuit, Huntington Hop, Fish, Classic and a paddle. This sets you up with an entire quiver of riding styles and lengths to work with and switching from one board to another means you can ride forever.

So here’s to the endless summer days and nights ahead of us and all of the pavement we’ve yet to shred.

P.S. If you missed Tip #1, check it out here.


Written By Team-Rider Dominique (Nico) Klimek

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