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January 09, 2015

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Shark Tank Part 2

It's all happening again. Shark Tank is airing an update on the craziness of what's been happening here at Hamboards since we pitched. Hope you can tune in to ABC to check it out and this weekend get free shipping with the discount code SHARKTANKSHIPPING. Offer ends 1.12.15


December 12, 2014

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Getting your Hamboard by Christmas

We are working our little tushies off here at Hamboards, to get you your boards by Christmas. And as much as we'd love for you to get your order in early, we know at least a couple of you are gonna wait till the last minute. So here is the breakdown for all you last minuters on getting you your gear by Christmas:


Dec. 16th Last day for East Coast Christmas UPS Ground Orders.

Dec. 17th Last Day for Midwest Christmas UPS Ground Orders.

Dec. 18th Last Day for Rocky Mountain-West Coast Christmas UPS Ground Orders.

Dec. 19th Last Day for California Christmas UPS Ground Orders.

Dec. 21st Last Day for Christmas 2nd Air UPS Orders.

Dec. 23rd (by 2pm) Last Day for Christmas Next Day Air Orders. 


For any questions please call the shop at (714) 374-2200.

December 03, 2014

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The North Pole comes to the South Side

When the hamboard fam was growing up we all used to pile into our Dads VW thing that he had converted in to a "one-horse-open-sleigh" and cruise around the neighborhood. This year Santa took over the Thing for his Hamboard Christmas deliveries and pretty much took over downtown. It was a near riot. Don't miss out on the fun. Santa is taking care of all shipping charges this year. One more reason to snag your favorite Hamboard or T-Shirt.  


The very first Ham video.

Time warp back to the early days. Back before any of the smaller boards, before we used bamboo and before any of us had discovered what a hair cut was, we were riding the Classics and having a great time.


August 29, 2014

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Ben Did Go

Having 5 lifeguards in the family we were deeply affected by the tragic death of Newport Beach Lifeguard, Ben Carlson.  One city over from ours, at a spot we have body surfer, surfed and skin dived at, Ben lost his life while successfully rescuing a victim.  Some Newport community leaders approached us about doing a special Hamboard model for Ben.  We were stoked to design the "Ben Board" commemorating Ben Carlson's heroic life.  It has the distinctive Red and Yellow of the Newport Lifeguard agency along with the now famous saying in Newport: "Ben Did Go", a nod to other heroic and famous watermen who have passed.  We are also proud to commit $30 from each "Ben Board" we sell to the foundation established in his name.  Ben Carlson...a great Lifeguard and a great man.

The first ever Ben Board being presented to the Newport Beach Lifeguard Department

August 18, 2014

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Hamboard Properties

Look at the gem we found in the bottom of the Hamboards video vault!  Scientific discussion with supporting clinical field trials that not only can you have one of the best gluten free times of your life on a Hamboard, but that bikini clad girls will push you down the boardwalk in a Jacruizzi.  

August 11, 2014

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The Huntington Hop

If you haven't heard, the Huntington Hop could very well be the best new cruiser out there. 

Hamboards Girls | Shades of Summer

Being a family business run by 5 sons, over the years the female aspect of Hamboards may have been slightly lacking. It only took Gus getting married for us to finally pull together a video entirely devoted to the celebration of Hamboarding Girls. We hope you like it. 
July 15, 2014

Hamboard + Street Sweeper | with Mo Freitas

Mo has been dominating the SUP world for some time now as both a distance paddler and SUP contest surfer. We have been honored to have him as an ambassador for Hamboards for over a year now, and as you can see he is pumped on using Hamboards and the Street Sweeper as a dry land trainer to keep his SUP skills polished.


Cliff Riding

Kendra Koelsch taking her Hamboard for a spin at the Huntington Cliffs. 


-photos by Nancy Mcclanahan