Why 3 Baseplates?

Why 3 Baseplates?

Each baseplate has a different pivot axis angle, 0°, 20°, or 40°. The greater the pivot axis angle, the more turn you get from the truck.

We recommend always using a 40° baseplate on the front, and never have the rear pivot axis angle greater than the front.

A 40°/40° configuration (front/back) steers equally from the front and back and is how most of our boards are set-up.

A 40°/20° configuration steers half as much from that back as the front and makes you feel more connected to the back. The rider can move farther back on the board to control steering. This really helps with board walking, but it also increases the boards turning radius.

A 40°/0° configuration only steers from the front. The back does not steer, but it does freely lean. This set-up is very stable from the rear but the boards turning radius is twice what you would experience with the 40°/40°.

Why 3 Hanger Widths?

Why 3 Hanger Widths?

Narrow hangers are more stable. Wider hangers are more responsive because they need less force to make the board lean.

With most skateboard trucks, you tighten or loosen the kingpin to change the feel. The mechanical advantage derived by the HST design creates forces too strong to be managed by the kingpin.

Most of our boards will ship with 200mm hangers in the front and rear. To make an HST truck more stable you must replace the hanger with a shorter one.

With three hanger widths you can customize the feel of your trucks to match your skill and comfort level.

Why 2 Springs?

Why 2 Springs?

The springs in the HST trucks provide the restorative force and work with the wave cams to bring the trucks back to neutral from a turn.

We offer two type of springs. Our silver springs provide 20 pounds of force and our gold springs provide 25 pound of force.

People who like to snap out of a carve tend to prefer our gold springs. Those who want a little more control coming out of a turn, like our silver springs.

There are also people who like a silver spring in one truck and a gold spring in the other.

With three pivot axis angles, three hanger widths and two springs, you can adjust the ride of your HST trucks so you can truly ride your own way.