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Customer Service is a priority for Hamboards.  There's only a couple of us who 
who handle these really important communications, and since we also wear other hats in the business we have found a super smart way to manage inquiries.  We used to have lots of emails, phone, chat services, social messaging, but that was just way too hard to organize.  Now, we only use the webstore chat service and one email address, synchronized with our webstore and it's actually manageable.   For any questions, please visit our website chat service or contact us at  It may seem frustrating that we don't have a phone number, but honestly, it's best that we're sitting at the computer with all our technology systems available.  Please resist the temptation to ask questions on our product review system and our social media chat services, as we don't check those regularly.  Thank you.  
As part of Hamboards continual improvement strategy, in January 2019, we have a new webstore fulfillment operation located near a ground freight hub in Pennsylvania, USA.  This facility promises timely fulfillment and proximity to over 50% of all our webstore customers.  The facility operates 7 days a week and is staffed by an experienced crew totally committed to excellence.  Mistakes do happen, and we want all our customers to be delighted, so for any questions regarding your order delivery, please contact us at  Phone service is not available at the warehouse.  
Online Chat Contacts:
Please look for the pop-up in the lower right corner of our website.  We are online on an intermittent basis, but if we're not there, please do leave a message.  Both the Hamboards crew and the Coastal Surf Supplies staff keep these online chat tickets caught up daily.
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We regularly keep-up our FAQ page on the website.  There's a good chance we have an answer for your questions here -> FAQ
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