Customer Service

Hamboards Customer Service

Customer Service is a priority for Hamboards.  There's only a couple of us who who handle these really important communications, and since we also wear other hats in the business we have found a super smart set of technologies to help us manage inquiries.  Contacts come in from all around the world at all hours, every day so we have three tools: 1) our webstore chat service, 2) one email address and 3) one phone answering service which are synchronized with our webstore so it's actually manageable.    

Frequently Asked Questions

We regularly keep-up our FAQ page on the website.  There's a good chance we have an answer for your questions here -> FAQ

Online Chat

Please look for the pop-up in the lower right corner of our website.  We always have this system running.  Since there's only a couple of us who answer these "live" inquiries, we are available on an intermittent basis.  If we're not there, please do leave a message.  The Hamboards crew does try to keep these online chat tickets caught up daily. 

Order Fulfillment

Our orders are fulfilled by Hamboards staff from our dedicated warehouse. 

23 Copper Drive, Unit 1
Newport, DE 19804

Mistakes can happen, and we want all our customers to be delighted, so for any questions regarding your order delivery, please contact us at:



714 613-0532
This will go straight to voicemail.  Please leave name, email and phone number and a brief message.