Best Longboards For Cruising and Carving

Best Longboards For Cruising and Carving

Best Longboards For Cruising and Carving

Top Recommended Longboards 

Longboard surfing is growing in popularity. As more and more people are finding out about the thrill and excitement of this land-sport, there's a sharp increase in Google searches related to longboarding.

Two of the most popular searches I found were ‘best longboards for cruising’ and 'best longboards for carving'. So I decided to write an article to cover both topics.

I’ll admit this is not the easiest article to write for anyone, doesn’t matter if she or he is a manufacturer or has been thrashing the waves and paves since the beginning of longboarding.

This is because it all depends on what you are looking to get out of your longboard.

Most of us longboarders are desperately trying to catch the feeling of waves on land. So, I will talk about the longboards that recreate the feeling of surfing and not skating.

So, without further ado, let’s see what rocks your board.


Best Longboards for Cruising

Ah, we all love this about our longboards, don’t we? Simply hop on the board and let go, enjoy the flow and the motion just the way you love it. Cruising also seems to be one of the top reasons why more people are trying out this new sport.

Oh, at this point it’ll be wise to mention that I’ll not be talking about longish designer skateboards that are sold as longboards.

Why? Because with these longboards, we are trying to simulate sea-surfing and not skating.


If it’s not designed like a surfboard, it won’t behave like one.

Skateboards cannot recreate the surfing experience


On the left-hand side in the image above, you’ve got some awesome looking skateboards, that can do some cool ollies in the skate park.

And on the right, you have a Classic longboard that has the length (6’6”) and shape of a surfboard that enables it to move like a one.

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There’s a number of longboards that are great for cruising. I'll talk about the top 3, as the rest are not the standout longboards you are looking for.


 Classic Bamboo 6’2”

 The best longboard for cruising


Hamboards Classic tops the chart for ultimate cruising. Made from Bamboo, it’s weight, length and classic surfboard shape makes it one of the best cruisers I have been on. You'll feel like you’re floating, just push it a couple of times and let go.

It’s great for beginners as it provides extra stability and a must for all pros and surfers who love cross stepping, nose-riding, pumping and rolling. Its barefoot friendly grip allows you to step on and ride without shoes, so you can really feel the motion and connect with the earth.

The new Classic longboards come with Hamboards' brand new HST Trucks that allow maximum carving without the risk of wheel bite.

 Watch the video below to have a closer look at the Classic. 



There are other longboards that provide great cruising experience. Atom has been a healthy competitor for Hamboards and they have come up with some cool longboards.  

Second in our list for cruisers, is Atom’s Quest Super Cruiser. As the name suggests, this pintail was designed for smooth cruising and carving. This solid performer is ideal for entry-level longboarders.

Landyatchz Bamboo Pinner sits well at third spot for a great cruiser. The 3’8” length provides the deck stability needed for smooth cruising. Made of bamboo, it has an impressive 32” wheelbase and it provides a surf like riding experience. 


Top Longboards for Carving

 Best longboard for carving and cruising


Can’t wait to tear up the turns, right? That’s probably the biggest thing in common among us longboarders. 

Well, for the best carving experience, there’s a couple of things you’ll need to look out for – obviously the deck and then the trucks.

So let’s start with the deck. Flex is something you will need to pump and really be able to drive those carves. So the deck material should ideally be bamboo or maple. Make sure the wood comes from sustainable sources like we do here at Hamboards.

Fiberglass can do the job too but once you’ve been on both you’ll notice the superior flex of natural bamboo.

Pro Tip: Stay away from plastic and low-quality fiberglass longboards to improve your carving skills.


Fish - Dubbed 'Porsche of Longboards'

 Hamboards Fish - Carving at it's best 

This is a longboard that every surf lover wants in their quiver. Made of bamboo, Fish is the world’s best high-performance surfskate longboard.  

This longboard, designed by pro-surfers after the original 70s twin keel surfboard, offers insane rail-to-rail driving turns, speed and power.

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The Fish comes fitted with patent-pending HST Trucks, developed by a NASA engineer and Italian designers. These robust light-weight trucks were built for ‘Xtreme Carving’.





Sector 9 has been a leading force in the skateboard industry. Since the inception of longboard popularity, they have placed their focus on the longer version and delivered some impressive carving longboards like their Chamber Longboard at just under $200. It comes with Gullwing Sidewinder trucks that are great for carving.

Arbors Zeppelin makes a pleasant entry to this list of longboards for carving. It’s not an exact surf-style longboard in looks, and shorter but it’s Gullwing trucks allow a very good carving experience. The board is made up of Bamboo that provides excellent flex for the sweeping turns.


The Takeaway

Whether you fancy the best cruising experience, or you really want to get in there, lean in and rip those turns - you need an awesome deck. And the fact is, you can find kick ass, cool longboards for a lot less than you think.

You can get a top-of-the-range longboard like the Fish for less than 250 bucks. That was unthinkable back in the days.

Get one of these boards I listed above and let me know how it went. I hope you found this article helpful.


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