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Hamboards manufactures big skateboards that really turn and skate poles that make skating more fun.  Designed for athletes and board sports enthusiasts, since 1997, we've been inventing, innovating and selling gear that delivers fun, fitness and flow for all ages.  As seen on Shark Tank S5E4 2013.  

Press coverage


  • Don Sandusky

    Gear Guy and Biz Manager

    A former NASA Ph. D. engineer who spent a decade at a major corporation then left to become a sports gear entrepreneur. He loves to play, tries to find simple solutions for hard problems and designs beautiful things.

  • Abraham Paskowitz

    Director of Sales

    Abraham was born in Hawaii, practically standing on a surfboard. The son of surf legend Dorian “Doc” Paskowitz, Abraham find life’s deepest truths unfolding on the waves and on the paves. Listen to the Guy Kawasaki Podcast to hear more https://guykawasaki.com/abraham-paskowitz-the-life-lessons-of-surfing/

  • Steve Ng

    Marketing and Customer Service

    Steve has a lot of business experience in large and small companies. He knows a little bit about a lot of things and keeps things together and moving in the right direction.


  • Loaded Boards

    Cross promotion to grow skate poling and LDP skating

    Pairing Hamboards high performance skate poles and the innovative Loaded Phantom LDP skateboards is a natural fit. Loaded sells our skate poles to their customers and we sell their skateboards to our customers.




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