Longboard Or Shortboard? Know Which One Is Right For You

Longboard Or Shortboard? Know Which One Is Right For You

Longboard Or Shortboard? Know Which One Is Right For You

Before you dip your feet in the water or get tight with the exciting world of landsurfing, there's one question that you need to answer: Is it a longboard or a shortboard?

This is the ultimate dilemma every surfing beginner has had on their mind.

Whether you're surfing the waves or paves with Hamboards, you need to pick the board that you'll be most comfortable with.

So, let's settle this question once and for all - what is the difference between a longboard and a shortboard? And, which one is right for you?



When talking about classic surfboards, longboards are considered to be the surfboards above 9 feet. Obviously, these boards are the longest ones and have the biggest surface. And, it's their volume that makes them more stable and easy to navigate in the water.

This is exactly why the beginners usually opt for longboards as they're learning the ropes of this thrilling sport. A longboard will give you more space to plant your feet and safely carve the swells and curves when you’re on land.


But, don't be fooled thinking that a longboard equals boring surf. Yes, longboards are meant for smaller, mellower waves, but they provide an amazing feel of gliding through the water that a shortboard cannot give you. And, they are the first choice for the fans of nose-riding.

The same goes for your new Hamboard. Its volume will give you the security and balance as you're navigating the paves. But you won't lose that feeling of freedom and wind in your hair as you're gliding smoothly and effortlessly.

However, if you're surfing the pavement, you should ideally get used to a shorter logger before riding the big guy.

But hey, then again, there’s no rule saying you can’t have the big logger for your first board.

There is one important difference between traditional surfboards and Hamboards. On land, only the experienced riders choose the longboards since they are larger and heavier, thus more difficult to navigate.

Our signature longboard is the Classic. Dubbed "our most noseridable board," you can already tell this board promises a lot of fun.

We named the model "Classic" due to its classic style and performance. This board captures the essence of surfing and brings insane maneuverability that advanced riders will love.



Once you get the hang of surfing the barrel with a longboard, it's time to switch to the shortboard. These boards are shorter and smaller in volume, which makes them more challenging to navigate. But, their aerodynamic shape and design also make them incredibly fun to ride.

There's nothing quite similar to the sharp cuts and pivots you can do with a shortboard, provided you have enough skill and confidence. Precisely because of that, shortboards are usually a better choice for the experienced surfers.

Shortboards provide the best feeling in strong, powerful waves and there's a great deal of timing necessary to get the surf just right as you come face to face with these monstrous waves.


Paves Are Not Waves

You won't have to worry about the waves on your Hamboard, but you'll still enjoy the same shortboard feeling on land. In fact, our shortboards are designed to fit the beginners.

With one of the shorter models, you can enjoy the thrill of the sharp turns, instant changes of direction and other maneuvers even as you're just starting out.


One of the shortboard models we're most proud of is our adorable Biscuit. It's so simple to ride that even kids can do it. And they actually do - this is our youngest fans' favorite board.

A Biscuit is great for practicing until you're ready to hit a larger board, and it's super convenient and easily portable. It fits inside a backpack!


Ready To Choose? Here’s the Final Take.

We've settled the dilemma!

While traditional longboards provide stability in the water, land riders should probably steer clear of them as they're starting out. Longboards' volume and weight could cause problems to the beginners so they're a better choice for the advanced riders.

When it comes to the shortboards, in tradition surfing, they are usually the go-to boards for the experienced and the professionals. But, in land surfing, shortboard is the ideal board for those who are just starting out and learning the ropes.

So, what's your next ride going to be - a longboard or a shortboard? Let us know in the comments!

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