Whether you're just starting out and buying your first board, or you're switching to a longboard from a shorter board, you should know that size matters. 

In fact, we've compiled a list of 10 things all longboarders must know before stepping on their boards and riding the pave.

  1.         Sizes vary from the traditional surfboards

While regular longboards range from 8 to 14 feet in length, Hamboards' sizes are a little different. In our collection, longboards are all boards between 5' and 6'2'' in length. You can check them out in the Comparison Board to see which board size suits you best.


  1.         Best for riders over 100 lbs

Hamboards don't really have a weight limit, and riders of all sizes can use them. But, there are some guidelines you should follow to get the most out of your board and get the best performance. So, while Biscuit is often recommended to kids, our longboards are perfect for adult riders over 100 lbs.

  1.         More suited to advanced riders

This is another crucial difference between our land boards and regular surfboards. In surfing, longboards are recommended to the beginners because of their larger volume and ease of navigation.

However, at Hamboard we have one for everyone.

Whereas the baked, seasoned skate-heads might find the ultimate joy of thrashing on our Logger, I might not recommend it for beginners unless you're like me and want to learn it the hard way. Since they are heavier, they do require a certain amount of skill for the best performance and experience on the board.

There's an easier way to get the best out of longboards for the beginners and intermediate riders.

I suggest the Classic. Only minimal effort releases the Classic’s natural flowing urge to roll, allowing it to sustain momentum better than any other longboard. It's great if you're just starting and a complete dream plank for the intermediate riders.

Still not sure whether you need a shortboard or a longboard? Check out our blog on the dilemma here.


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  1.         Captures the essence of surfing

Whether you're a pro surfer, a surfing enthusiast, or you've never stepped on the surfboard before, it doesn't matter. A longboard like our Classic will make you feel like you're riding the actual swell in the ocean. Hamboard longboards capture the essence of surfing and cater to those who wish to control every portion of the wave - even on dry land.

  1.         Provides the classic style and performance

All three of our longboards provide that ultimate combination of classic style and impeccable performance. A Classic will blow your mind with an incredible momentum that no other board can match. Whereas a Logger is perfect for cruising, noseriding and just enjoying that familiar surfing sensation.



  1.         Built to last

Quality is incredibly important to us. That's why all our boards (longboards and shortboards) are extremely durable and built to stand the test of time.

Classics are carefully constructed with the finest materials including hand-painted, laminated birch deck or super-hard bamboo. The same top-notch quality bamboo is what we use for Pingers, while Loggers are made from American Black Walnut blended with White Aspen stringers.

All three models are protected with durable solvent-free UV resistant grip coating.

  1.         Unforgettable performance

Once you learn the ropes of land boarding and learn a few tricks, longboards will blow your socks off. Classics and Pingers are dubbed the world's most surfable longboards, so you already know you're in for a memorable ride. They combine stability with insane maneuverability for incredible stunts and turns.



  1.         Versatile and fun

Great thing about longboards is that they adjust to your riding style so easily. Just pick out your ideal longboard and match it to your style.

Classics, as their name suggests, are perfect for that classic surf-style riding and landpaddling that will almost make you feel like you're in the water. Their slightly shorter cousin Pinger is the ideal blend of carving, noseriding and landpaddling. And, our shortest longboard Logger is awesome all around; great for cruising, noseriding and thrashing.

  1.         Created by athletes

It's no secret that Hamboards aims to recreate the authentic surf feeling. That's why the boards are shaped, sized and structured to perfectly capture that sensation.

But, did you know that our boards are created by serious athletes? Classics, for example, were hand-crafted by athletes obsessed by recreating the true experience of surfing.



  1.   Perfect for (almost) all ages

While the groms (under 8-year old riders) might find these longboards a little hard to carry around (who adore pumping our shortboards), there are no particular age groups for riding the longboards. That’s what makes them so fantastic - anyone can enjoy them.

It doesn't matter whether you're 23 or 63; you will fall in love with your board instantly. You don’t have to be fit or have any previous training either. As long as you're up for it, you can ride the pave.

Ready For The Longboard

Now that you know all the facts, you're ready for your next longboard. Make sure to choose the one that matches your style and the performance you're looking for. But, you won't go wrong with either one of our models.

Is there something we missed? We'd love to hear your thoughts. Please leave a comment.

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