Introducing the Paskowitz Surfskate

Introducing the Paskowitz Surfskate

Introducing the Paskowitz Surfskate

Press Release
September 8, 2022


In honor of Dorian “Doc” Paskowitz and in celebration of the 50th anniversary of the Paskowitz Surf Camp, Hamboards and the Paskowitz family are proud to announce the Paskowitz Surfskate at Surf Expo in Orlando in September 2022.

Dr. Dorian “Doc” Paskowitz is an icon in the surfing world. In 1972, he and his family launched the Paskowitz Surf Camp, the first ever surf school, and it continues to operate today.  The New York Times dubbed the Paskowitz family as the “First Family of Surfing.”

The Paskowitz Surf Camp was Doc Paskowitz’s surf science class. As a medical doctor and professor, he wanted to share with the world the science of surfing. The fundamentals of surfing along with a clear understanding of waves, ocean safety, surf etiquette and the proper techniques of wave riding were of utmost importance to become an accomplished waterman, a true surfer.

Abraham and Dorian Paskowitz

Abraham and Dorian Paskowitz


Abraham Paskowitz began working with Hamboards four years ago, first as a consultant and then as part owner. Abraham is no stranger to the surf and skateboard communities. Born in Hawaii then migrating to Southern California, he spent his summers as an instructor at the Paskowitz Surf Camp, producing global longboard surfing events and after many roles and journeys, he worked for several years as the Global Sales Director for Carver Skateboards.  

The Paskowitz deck has a slight concave, is 30” long and 11" wide. This allows for more stability, proper foot placement making it suitable for all ages and heights. The 17” wheelbase almost forces your stance to mimic the same stance on a surfboard. The HST 2.0 truck system sets this board apart from any other. The “Pasko” has a 40° pivot axis in the front, a 20° pivot axis in the rear, and both trucks have 180mm hangers and are more stable than other surf skates, all while still providing excellent pumpability.

 According to Abraham, “What makes the Paskowitz board so special is that you can kick and gain speed, much like paddling on your surfboard to gain momentum. Once up to speed, your stance can then develop the correct positioning. Now that you are stable and feeling solid (not on your heels or tippy-toes) you can practice your rail-to-rail using repetitive maneuvers to increase muscle memory and better posture. These boards take carves at speed and still feel solid. Use your Pasko board to pump and maintain speed like racing down the face of a wave and preparing for a deep bottom turn or a full figure-eight cutback into the power of the wave.”

For Don Sandusky, Co-founder of Hamboards, the Paskowitz board is the culmination of years of competition and friendship with Abraham. Sandusky said, “I knew him from trade shows and we were always friendly.  We represented competitive brands but I could see that he was a total rock star. A few years ago a mutual friend suggested I contact him about Hamboards. Abraham was surprised by the rail engagement and asked lots of questions.  Later, over some good food we realized our goals were aligned and agreed that we were both ready to rely on one another. Our relationship started by networking at trade shows.  It’s only fitting that we launch this board at Surf Expo.”

While Abraham led the development of the Paskowitz board, he still needed the blessing of his siblings  to place the family name on the deck. He distributed samples to his siblings and received nothing but praise. David Paskowitz said, “You did it.” Adam Paskowitz said, “Doc would be proud.” Israel Paskowitz said, “Nice, but I don’t skate, I’d rather surf.”

A portion of the proceeds from the Paskowitz boards will be donated to the Paskowitz Foundation. The Paskowitz Foundation drives resources, actions, and solutions that protect our planet. The foundation creates and executes global, hands-on eco operations and encourages participation in ocean recovery and clean-up, to push awareness of human impact across multiple generations and deliver positive change for the future. 


About Hamboards

Hamboards designs, manufactures and sells skateboards, skate poles and accessories for surf training, surfskate, and long distance skating. The patented HST 2.0 truck system is a progressive system of interchangeable components which allow riders to adjust their boards to match their skill level and riding objectives. The patented skate pole design flexes significantly, allowing the user to spring themselves along with comfort.

Hamboards makes the surf experience accessible to everyone. Our boards simulate surfing on land and non-surfers enjoy the carvy feel which is unlike any other skateboard. Surfers find our boards the perfect companion to surf training. Each wave on the water is unique, which makes it nearly impossible to practice skills repetitively. Our boards enable consistent repetition of movement to develop the muscle memory necessary for surfing.  

About the Paskowitz Family

The Paskowitz Family are the children of Dorian “Doc” Paskowitz and Juliette Paskowitz. Doc was a Stanford-trained physician, Doc left his medical practice to raise his nine children with his wife in a 24-foot camper, as they traveled across the country in search of the best surf.

The family was dubbed “The First Family of Surfing” by the New York Times after starting their surf camp at San Onofre in 1972. Celebrating its 50th season, the camp is the longest running surf school in the United States. The 2007 film Surfwise chronicled the family’s nomadic lifestyle.

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