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Spread the Cha

Spread the Cha

Hamboards is more than a board company. We are a community—a community about healthy living from sun, surf, and skate—a community which values a healthy mind body and spirit.

We have a long history of working with others who share our values and decided to create a regular feature to highlight these companies, organizations and people. We receive no compensation for these mentions. We just want to share the Hamboards aloha.


Introducing Cha Vibes

I want to introduce Cha Vibes. Johnny Arlauskas, the founder of Cha Vibes, has been a longtime friend of Hamboards Co-founder Don Sandusky. After Don introduced me to Johnny, I immediately felt a kinship of spirit.

Johnny Arlauskas

Johnny "Cha" Arlaukas


What is Cha?

Johnny grew up surfing and skating in Ocean City, Maryland. When he was kid, he and his friends used to say “Cha” when they did or saw something they liked. Much the same way I said, “shaka” when I was growing up in Hawaii.

Over time the meaning of “Cha“ evolved to where it now reflects a state of peace, serenity and enlightment. As Johnny says, “We each find our own Cha. It is whatever revitalizes our minds or strengthens our bodies.”

With Cha Vibes, Johnny wants everyone to fell pure joy and stoke. Johnny has created beautiful caps, tees and stickers. So people can, ”Spread the Cha.” wherever and whenever they want.

I saw the potential in Cha from the moment I met Johnny, not just as a brand but as a vibe, a life worth living. I also saw a rare spirit in Johnny which made me help him succeed.

Johnny is part of the Hamboards Ohana and I want to help share his generous spirit with the world.Please visit his shop at

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