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Check out this surfskate roundup video

Check out this surfskate roundup video

When Zeke first called us to do a review on surfskates, we added him to the list, but he went on to explain that he had been assigned some new GoPro gear (to test out) and was inspired to produce a surfskate gear review.  The more we talked to Zeke, we realized his sincere curiosity, founded in his lifelong love affair with skating... ALL skating.  So we took a chance and sent him a couple Hammy's.  Shortly thereafter, he politely requested another, and another and another and since we were already deep into this, we figured we might as well give him the "full experience". 

We knew he was going to compare Hamboards to the other brands, and figured that was ok.  Since he's more of a skater than a surfer, we were a bit worried that he wouldn't love our heavy board lean style of surfskating with our "loose trucks" and "high boards".  It was a risk worth taking, because if nothing else, we could learn something from a true skater.  

To our delight, Zeke is also a skilled story teller and an award winning filmmaker...  I guess we were also lucky he liked Hamboards, because he doesn't review gear he doesn't like.  He's a regular nice guy who embodies the adage; "Praise in public, but punish in private".  It took 9 months for Zeke to pull-together this comprehensive video treatise on surfskate.   Please enjoy.   

Donnie (Hamboards)

p.s., Zeke never asked and we didn't compensate Zeke for this.    



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