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HST 2.0 Wave Cam Set

HST 2.0 Wave Cam Set

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The wave cam is a simple machine that translates board lean into restorative forces by compressing a powerful compression spring.  

Wave cams are wear items and need to be replaced from time to time.  Wave cams are sold as a set of two matching pairs, enough for a pair of HST trucks.  

Our composite wave cams are molded of durable fiber reinforced nylon and require modest amounts of our wave cam lubricant which is a paste mixture of white Li grease and powder (non-talcum).  

If you're replacing your wave cams because your HST trucks are "wiggling", we recommend you also consider replacing your cam keys and kingpins at the same time, just to be sure you're on all the latest precision gear. 

If your board has the "old" black or red springs, we recommend you replace the springs. 

Hamboards regularly seeks to improve every component of the HST trucks.  Our guiding design principle has always been fail-safe and fool-proof.   As we see the needs and can imagine solutions, we develop them and offer for sale.  Your HST trucks will perform best with the latest components, which are 100% backwards compatible, even to the earliest versions of the HST Truck Baseplate and Hangers.  

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