HST 2.0 Wave Cam Set

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The wave cam is the simple machine that controls the movement of the HST trucks. Acting somewhat like an incline plane, the wave cam translates the side to side force of longboard carving into up and down motion which can work with a single spring. Since the wave cam eliminates the need for multiple resistance mechanisms (ie. two springs or two bushing halves) these spring torsion trucks can be made lower, lighter and maintained with fewer parts than many traditional longboard truck designs.

Wave cams are wear items and will need to be replaced from time to time.


Moly Nylon (black) vs Acetal (white)

Hamboards sells two two types of wave cams. Our black wave cams are made of moly nylon and our white wave cams are made of acetal.

Moly nylon requires less maintenance than acetal. Moly nylon is a dry lubricant so very little grease is required to keep the wave cams moving and quiet. We recommend our black wave cams in most cases.

Acetal is stronger than moly nylon but requires regular lubrication to function properly and prevent breakage. We recommend our white wave cams if you frequently crack the black ones, but also recommend you purchase our wave cam lubricant and use it regularly.


Wave cams are sold as a set of two matching pairs, enough for a pair of HST trucks