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SUPSkate Telescoping Skate Pole

SUPSkate Telescoping Skate Pole

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A portable and economical skate pole

The SUPSkate Telescoping skate pole is perfect for beginners and SUPSkate's most portable and economical pole. It collapses from just over 6 feet to just under 3 feet. Its extendable design allows for easy storage and transport. The aluminum alloy pole provides axial strength and durability for pushing and the patented replaceable Sk8 tip maximizes contact area with ground. The skate pole also features a replaceable rubber grip

INNOVATIVE LOCK:  Below is a cutaway view of the locking mechanism.  As the lower pole is rotated, a tapered threaded insert (black) forces the split friction ring (white) to expand, pressing against the inside of the larger aluminum tube (silver), forming a strong friction lock.  This allows the rider to adjust the pole height.  

Telescoping pole mechanism

Technical Details

Adjustable Length - From 34" to 76"

Small: 1 lb 12 oz

Shaft Material:

Pusher Tip:
Sk8 Tip, replaceable rubber Sk8 tip.

Hand Grip:
Replaceable rubber handle

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