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Collapsible Skate Pole

Collapsible Skate Pole

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Our most portable and economical skate pole

Great for Beginners

Convenient - Telescopic design allows for easy storage and transport.

Adjustable Length - From 34 in to 76 in

Lightweight - 1 lb 12 oz

Stiff and Strong - Aluminum alloy provides axial strength and durability for pushing

Serviceable - The threaded tip and grip are replaceable and interchangeable.

Patented Tip: The replaceable Sk8 tip maximizes contact area with ground.  

Patented Grip: The POI Mini tip is nests comfortably in the upper hand.

SAFETY FEATURE: Stainless set screws secure the TIP and GRIP to prevent either from unscrewing during use.  

INNOVATIVE LOCK:  Below is a cutaway view of the locking mechanism.  As the lower pole is rotated, a tapered threaded insert (black) forces the split friction ring (white) to expand, pressing against the inside of the larger aluminum tube (silver), forming a strong friction lock.  This allows the rider to adjust the pole height.  

Telescoping pole mechanism

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