November 01, 2023

Skate Poling; the best new competitive sport / fitness activity that hardly anyone knows about

Here's a fun new way to work on your balance and develop your core strength while rebuilding your upper body strength; skateboarding with a pole. 

If you've already tried paddle boarding, you're most of the way there.  This new sport brings paddle boarding directly to you.  No need to haul that giant paddle board to water, just pull into a big empty parking lot or seek out one of those smooth flat paved bike trails or  boardwalks.  You'll be amazed at how easy it is to learn, how fun this is and how far you can go.   

SUPSKATE(R) is the world's leading gear brand for the new sport of skateboarding with a pole.  It's taking off because so many people want to be active and skateboard again, like when they were kids.   


This is not just a fun and approachable fitness activity, it's also a worldwide competitive endurance sport.  

  • Relay athletes skate poled across the American continent in 17 days (July 2023) shattering the fastest known coast-to-coast crossing by a week.   
  • There's a worldwide 24 hour endurance skate poling event at the Miami Motor Speedway each February, and the current world record is 330 miles.  
  • Skateboarding with a pole gets middle-aged and Gen X'ers active and skating again. 
  • Skate poling is good for core, back and arm strength.  The workout feels like rowing, is zero impact and builds balance skills.  
  • Skate poling is much easier than skateboarding and seems safer too.
  • Using a pole to push off makes it easier to teach kids to skateboarding.   

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