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SUPSkate Street Sweeper Skate Pole

SUPSkate Street Sweeper Skate Pole

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The best skate pole for fun and fitness.  

Skate poling is an athletic, fun and low impact work-out similar to stand-up paddleboard. It has fewer hassles SUP and is less affected by climate and weather.

The SUPSkate Street Sweeper skate pole has a patented design and the carbon fiber and fiberglass shaft provides comfortable flex and a controllable energy release that your shoulders, elbows and wrists will love. Paired with the patented SUPSkate Poi Pounder tip and you can ride for miles and miles without difficulty.

The SUPSkate Street Sweeper was designed by stand-up paddleboard athletes who wanted to SUP on land whenever they wanted. These skate poles are built to perform and provide the comfort, fun, and reliability you would expect from a quality piece of sports equipment.


Technical Details

Four adjustable sizes:
Small: 51" to 65" for heights: 5' 2" and under
Medium: 57" to 71" for heights: 5' 2" to 5' 8"
Large: 63" to 77" for heights: 5' 8" to 6' 2"
X-Large: 67 to 81" for heights: 6' 2" and over

Small: 612g (1 lb 5.6 oz)
Medium: 654g (1 lb 7.2 oz)
Large: 672g (1 lb 7.7 oz)
X-Large: 698g (1 lb 8.6 oz)

Shaft Material:
Patented design of a lightweight blend of carbon fiber and fiberglass reinforced epoxy resin

Pusher Tip:
Poi Pounder replaceable rubber tip

Hand Grip:
Ergonomic grip made od rugged and soft EVA with 70 to 90 Shore C Hardness

US Patent No. 9,724,593

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