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BLEM Paskowitz

BLEM Paskowitz

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Finally...A Surfer's Skateboard

Dr. Dorian “Doc” Paskowitz is an icon in the surfing world. In 1972, he and his family launched the Paskowitz Surf Camp, the first ever surf school, and it continues to operate today.  The New York Times dubbed the Paskowitz family as the “First Family of Surfing.”

The Paskowitz Surf Camp was Doc Paskowitz’ s surf science class. As a medical doctor and professor, Doc wanted to share with the world the science of surfing. The fundamentals of surfing along with a clear understanding of waves, ocean safety, surf etiquette and the proper techniques were of utmost importance to become an accomplished wave rider, and waterman, a true surfer.

Doc’s good friend from San Diego, Larry Gordon of G&S surfboards, gifted Doc with the very first “sidewalk surfboards” in 1975. During the off season, the Paskowitz children used these first surf skates to hone their surf skills while adventuring across the U.S. These boards were good, but Doc longed for something better to surf on land.

A carving skateboard fit for a Paskowitz

In honor of Dorian, the Paskowitz family and Hamboards launched the Paskowitz model. The deck has a slight concave, is 30” long and 11" wide. This allows for more stability, proper foot placement making it suitable for all ages and heights. The 17” wheelbase almost forces your stance to mimic the same stance on a surfboard. The HST 2.0 truck system sets this board apart from any other. The “Pasko” has a 40° pivot axis in the front, a 20° pivot axis in the rear, and both trucks have 180mm hangers and is more stable than other surf skates, all while still providing excellent pumpability.

 What makes the Paskowitz Surf Trainers so special is that you can kick and gain speed, much like paddling on your surfboard to gain momentum. Once up to speed, your stance can then develop the correct positioning. Now that you are stable and feeling solid (not on your heels or toes) you can practice your rail-to-rail using repetitive maneuvers to increase muscle memory and posture. These boards take carves at speed and still feel solid. Use your Pasko board to pump and maintain speed like racing down the face of a wave and preparing for a deep bottom turn or a full figure-eight cutback into the power of the wave.

Supporting the Paskowitz Foundation

The Paskowitz Foundation drives resources, actions, and solutions that protect our planet. The foundation creates and executes global, hands-on eco operations and encourages participation in ocean recovery and clean-up, to push awareness of human impact across multiple generations and deliver positive change for the future. A portion of the proceeds from the Paskowitz boards will be donated to the Paskowitz Foundation.

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