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HST 2.0 Truck Sets

HST 2.0 Truck Sets

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Front Truck Set-up
Rear Truck Set-up

We've sharpened the dimensions, opened new molds, upgraded materials.  This gives all the performance with superior fit and durability.  After the first five years this is a complete overhaul. 

These are sold as TRUCK sets for Hamboards Surfskates.  Two pieces 

The 40° is intended for the FRONT.  
This truck gives maximum steering with maximum board lean for the front of the board.  The 20° and ZR0° are recommended for REAR ONLY. 

A front/back configuration: 40/40 steers equally from the front and back and is how most "Hamboards" are set-up.  It's like having a super-sensitive "flex fin" on the back of your longboard surfboard.  

A front/back configuration 40/20 steers half as much from that back as the front and makes you feel more connected to the back. The rider can move farther back on the board to control steering. This really helps with board walking, but it also increases the boards turning radius. It's like having a versatile "all around" or "hatchet fin" on the back of your longboard surfboard.  

A front/back configuration 40/ZR0 only steers from the front. The back does not steer, but it does freely lean. This set-up is very stable from the rear but the boards turning radius is half what you would experience with the 40/40. It's like having a huge and stable "D-Fin" on the back of your longboard surfboard.  

Three pivot axis options:
  1. ZR0 - 0° Pivot Axis (no turn) w/ 28° Board Lean
  2. 20 - 20° Pivot Axis (half the turn) w/ 28° Board Lean
  3. 40 - 40° Pivot Axis (all the turn) w/ 28° Board Lean
Three hanger (axel) width options:
  1. 200mm
  2. 180mm
  3. 160mm
Recommended set-ups:
  • Longboard Carving Set: front 40/200, rear 40/200
  • Shortboard Pumping Set: front 40/180, rear 20/180
  • Long Distance Pumping Set: front 40/200, rear ZR0/160
Fully assembled sets comprise:
HST 2.0 Baseplates

HST 2.0 Hangers
Gold Springs
Composite Wave Cams
Cone Bushings

Double Moly Washers
85mm kingpins, black manganese coated
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