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HST 2.0 Flow Shop Kit

HST 2.0 Flow Shop Kit

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The HST 2.0 Flow Shop Kit is for Shop Owners who intend to upgrade HST trucks for their clients.  

This kit is compatible with all HST Trucks and provides sufficient components to upgrade five sets of HST Trucks:

  • gold springs with 85mm kingpins, with precisely the right number of threads to avoid over-tightening the trucks.
  • molybdenum impregnated nylon washers, which are self-lubricating, tough, and virtually silent.
  • fiber-reinforced nylon wave cams with the cam key permanently bonded to one side.
  • cast polyurethane cone bushings that fit perfectly into the space between our hanger post and the baseplate.
  • kingpin hex tools to assemble and adjust your trucks.
  • wave cam lubricant (15cc)


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