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HST 2.0 Baseplates

HST 2.0 Baseplates

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Pivot Axis Angle

The new HST 2.0 Baseplates have been designed with three pivot axis angles, 40°, 20° and 0°; all having the same board lean.  These are interchangeable on your Endurance LDP board.  The 20 has half the steering as the 40 and the ZR0 has no steering, only board lean.  

Skateboard Truck baseplates for HST 20 trucks with three pivot axes 0 20 and 40 degrees

The front truck must always have a equal or higher pivot axis angle than the back.
FRONT/BACK: 40/40, 40/20, 40/ZR0, 20/20 or 20/ZR0

A front/back configuration: 40/40 steers equally from the front and back and is how most "Hamboards" are set-up.  It's like having a super-sensitive "flex fin" on the back of your longboard surfboard.  

A front/back configuration 40/20 steers half as much from that back as the front and makes you feel more connected to the back.  The rider can move farther back on the board to control steering.  This really helps with board walking, but it also increases the boards turning radius.  It's like having a versatile "all around" or "hatchet fin" on the back of your longboard surfboard.  

A front/back configuration 40/ZR0 only steers from the front.  The back does not steer, but it does freely lean.  This set-up is very stable from the rear but the boards turning radius is half what you would experience with the 40/40.  It's like having a huge and stable "D-Fin" on the back of your longboard surfboard.  

DO NOT use a lower pivot axis on the front than on the back. This will cause speed wobbles, or worse. 

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