Introducing the Hamboards Burst

A Cruiser that Carves

Burst Carving Board

$ 249.99

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Length: 32 in

Width: 10 in

Wheelbase: 19 in

Weight: 10 lb

Wheel Diameter: 66 mm

Front Truck: 40° baseplate, 180 mm hanger

Rear Truck: 20° baseplate, 180 mm hanger

Carves like a snowboard or a surfboard

Carves like a snowboard or a surfboard

The Burst is a board that rides so smooth that it mimics the feeling of carving fresh groomers on a snowboard, or carving a wave on a surfboard. This board does not ride like a swivel-truck surfskate, and is designed as an innovative and realistic offseason surfing and snowboarding training board. The Burst is for those looking to take their riding on slopes or waves to the next level.

Carve with speed

Carve with speed

The Burst is not a board to do a slow tight infinity loop. It is a board you can pump and carve hard and fast while still feeling you are in total control. The Burst has its own personality and wants to prove itself.  It is definitely not a stereotypical surfskate.

The Difference is in the Trucks

The Difference is in the Trucks

Most skateboard trucks have flexible bushings which allow them to flex and rotate. Our patented HST Trucks use stiff springs and spherical wave cams that translate axle rotation into spring compression. These massive springs store the energy then give right it back to you. You don't need to lift the front to turn, just turn the board. HST trucks have smooth consistent rotations. The springs give strength and stability that enable the wheels to glide over road imperfections like you wouldn't believe.

HST Trucks Rotate and Lean

HST Trucks Rotate and Lean

Our patented HST Trucks were designed to simulate a surfboard on water. Do not expect them to feel like other skateboard trucks. They are so responsive that some people call them loose.

Our trucks rotate up to 20° in both directions and lean up to 30°. This movement is much greater than most other skateboard trucks.

When you turn on HST Trucks, you feel like you are riding on an airplane wing in a banked turn. You get the sense that you are riding on the edge of your board, much like it feels to ride on a snowboard or a surfboard.

They also give just enough of a snappy return to center and truly feel like surfing.

To learn more about HST trucks and our progressive truck system, click here.

Hunter Joslin, Founder of Indo Board

Explains why he likes the Hamboards Burst