Offical Brand Importers

Please purchase from your Official Brand Importer (OBI) in your country or region. Hamboards OBI's are authorized Hamboards dealers that serve territories outside of the United States. If you don't see your country or region, we're sorry that we can't currently help you. Please feel free introduce us to distributors in your territory. If you're ship-to address is in the continental USA (lower 48 states) you can always purchase directly from us

Benelux (Coming Soon)

Belgium, Luxembourg, Netherlands

Canada (Seeking a Distributor)

Alberta, British Columbia, Ontario


Andorra, Gibraltar, Portugal, Spain

Europe (Seeking Country Specific Distributors)

France, Germany, Austria, Italy, Belgium, Luxembourg, Netherlands


Denmark, Finland, Norway, Sweden

United Kingdom

England, Ireland, Scotland, Wales

Australia (Coming Soon)

Australia, New Zealand