Your Move Space Rides with Hamboards

Your Move Space Rides with Hamboards

Your Move Space Rides with Hamboards

Kirra Molnar is a professional longboarder from Noosa Heads, Australia. She received multiple bachelor degrees in sports/ exercise science and business at University of The Sunshine Coast to help further her knowledge on the human body and how to perform at the highest level.

Her training routine has been specified to focus on surf training, mobility, explosiveness,  strength and conditioning, and cardio. Kirra Molnar and I met in Spain competing at the WSL Longboard event in Galicia during the middle of the WSL year.

She had a smile from ear to ear surfing with another amazing human named Kat who was also competing in the contest. We chatted for a while about the waves and the event and we kept in contact ever since.

Spain was the best place I have ever visited after I hung out with her in Spain we went to NY to CA, and afterward, I met up with her again in Australia for the Noosa Heads contest. Her graceful yet determined presence was a force to be reckoned with during each contest, her heat strategy was on point and her style was just as fierce.

She is not only a very talented surfer but smart, athletic, and ambitious human. Her motivation and passion for athleticism shows in her determination to stay on top of her routines, her diet, and her mindset.

Kirra has always had a positive and confident mindset which has helped her advance in heats throughout her competitive career as a professional longboarder and trainer. Her poise for excellence in every aspect of her life can be seen from miles away.

As I saw her progress in her ability as a professional longboard and trainer, I recommended that she should try a Hamboard to practice her technique, maneuvers, flow, and control in her surfing. I felt like using muscle memory on land to practice on water is a great way to improve anyone's surfing game.

She was extremely excited to try out her new " toys" and I told her that she could try the biscuit and the logger. After a couple of weeks of the boards in her possession, she started to use hamboards in a way I have never seen before. She used the biscuit as a training device for core, leg, arms, and mobility for workouts.

She sent me a video of her using different workout techniques while using the biscuit model. I was annoyed because I couldn't believe I didn't think of that! Kirra is the kind of human who thinks outside of the box with enthusiasm and professionalism.

Everything in the video was curated to a T with a voice over, a demonstration, and explaining why hamboards are the best boards to train and skate for surfing.
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