Loggin' around Newport Beach

We are really happy with the way these Walnut Loggers have turned out. Not only do they have a great classic surfy ride, but they're way photogenic. We couldn't resist the opportunity to do a photo shoot with one of our favorite photographers, Krista Espino.

Classic Boards and Cars

It's not everyday you get to flash back 50 years. The Hamborg crew got to experience just such a time warp riding our classic longboards around and thru the Huntington Beach Classic Car Show, and it felt like the boards we were riding belonged right there. Hamboards may not have 50 years of existence under its belt but we somehow are throwbacks to that same era. All our boards have a unique blend of modern performance with a retro look and feel, made for classic surf-style skateboard riding. 

Almost Something

Just a normal day of wave sliding and pavement riding with the Hamboard crew, using the longboards that make the transition between skate and surf seamless. 


Hilliary, Marta and their Huntington Hops

A beach parking lot playground in Huntington Beach made up the setting for two new friends & their last Hamboard ride together. One, a California native, & the other, a Barcelona beauty. Salty, sweet & separated by the sea. You can’t spell "unintentional armpit smell" without "stylish cross step" (give or take a couple letters). 

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