Gromsplaining Hamboards
September 30, 2020

Gromsplaining Hamboards

One beautiful fall day in Dewey Beach, DE we had a Hamboards demo day on the beach. 

There was a pro-AM skimboard competition happening the same day.  In between heats, a group of local surf grommets sampled Hamboards for the first time.  Every one of our demo Hammy's was put to work for several hours. 

At the end of a long day of skimming and surfskating, the kids hung out under our tent to escape the suns heat and this magic moment happened.  Shot entirely on an iPhone, and edited in iMovie, this priceless video blog captures unfiltered enthusiasm of kids who "got it" for the very first time. 

Not one of these kids had ever tried a Hamboard surfskate before this day.  This was purely spontaneous.  (Their parents gave consent to share this video.) This is what makes it all worth while, as Pete used to say; "We're changing the world, one really big skateboard at a time."