Why the Fish Is One of the Best Longboard Sufskates

Why the Fish Is One of the Best Longboard Sufskates

 Why the Fish Is One Of The Best Longboard Surfskates

Fish Longboard Skateboard

If there is one street surfboard that every skating fan must have in their quiver, it’s the Fish I believe.

We like to call our Fish the world’s best high-performance turf-board. And, there are some plank solid reasons behind that.

So, today I want to show you why we make such a bold claim and how it became such a favorite among longboard street surfers across the globe.

The traditional twin keel Fish surfboard developed in mid-70s by Steve Lis, was the original inspiration behind our creation.


Anatomy of Fish surfboard - Hamboards

The traditional twin keel surfboard designed in the 70s


We wanted to introduce the same design to our collection of land boards. And it's precisely the design that makes the Fish the best high-performance board because it combines the best of both worlds in surfing - stability and maneuverability.

Here's how we recreated the design for the perfect street surf.

The Nose


The nose of the fish is a mix of a longboard's and a shortboard's nose. While a longboard has a rounded nose that provides better stability, a shortboard has a sharp nose that is more aerodynamic and ensures speed.

Hamboards Fish brings the same shape as its original surfboard - a slightly pointed nose that not only makes this board stylish but also allows the best rail-to-rail driving turns along with speed.

The Volume

When it comes to the width and weight, there is a slight difference in the effect this feature provides in water and on dry land. Both the surfboard and Hamboards Fish are quite massive, thick and heavy. But, whereas this volume slows the board down in the water, on land it gives it more acceleration and velocity.

The Tail

The fish has that distinctive swallow tail that it's famous for, and we made sure to incorporate it into the design.


The Fishtail of Hamboards

The shape of the Fish's tail again allows this board to provide enough stability and balance to the surfer while also ensuring more control during the turns.

The Length

When we're talking about surfboards, the fish is the shortest model. But, when it comes to Hamboards, Fish is smack bang in the middle. It's 4'5'' long and it's a perfect mix of the extremes that the longboards and shortboards represent.


Fish is stable and great for carving just like the shorter models, but it's also suitable for land paddling like all the longboards in our collection.

Because of its medium size, light weight and agility, it’s most often the favorite travel companion for backpackers.

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The Wheels

Fish Hamboards Wheels


One of the most key components of earth-surfing longboards are the wheels. Fish brings you the smoothest ride and insane maneuverability with its huge spring torsion trucks, massive riser pads and deep wheel wells.

Thanks to the retro 70s design that's both stylish and highly functional, Fish is now one of our proudest accomplishments and one of our best-selling boards.

By incorporating features from our other models, we got a unique board that's stable, but also fast and loose.


The Takeaway

When you cruise a Fish, you will experience Hamboarding at its finest. Fish is best used for progressive surf-style riding, so we recommend it to the intermediate and advanced riders who will really know how to tame this beast and make the most of it.

However, even the beginners are guaranteed to have fun on it.

No matter how experienced you are in turf surfing, one thing is for certain – you’re in for a ride when you thrash on a Fish.

Where retro design meets finest modern technology


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