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SUPSkate Race Skate Pole

SUPSkate Race Skate Pole

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SUPSkate's best adjustable skate pole for long distance.


Skate poling is an athletic, fun and low impact work-out similar to stand-up paddleboard, but it is also a highly competitive sport. There are long distance skate pole races held around the world. The SUPSkate Race skate pole was designed to meet the needs of these elite performance atheletes.

The Race skate pole contains more carbon fiber than any other SUPSkate skate poles. This reduces the weight and increases the power transfer compared to SUPSkate poles of similar length. Riders who use a skate poles for hours at a time will feel the benefits of the Race's unique construction as they go mile-after-mile.


Technical Details

Three adjustable sizes:
Medium: 57" to 71" for heights: 5' 2" to 5' 8"
Large: 63" to 77" for heights: 5' 8" to 6' 2"
X-Large: 67 to 81" for heights: 6' 2" and over

Medium: 584g (1 lb 4.6 oz)
Large: 650g (1 lb 7.0 oz)
X-Large: 6676g (1 lb 7.9 oz)

Shaft Material:
Ultra-lightweight blend of carbon fiber and fiberglass reinforced epoxy resin

Pusher Tip:
Poi Mini, replaceable rubber tip

Hand Grip:
Ergonomic grip made od rugged and soft EVA with 70 to 90 Shore C Hardness

US Patent No. 9,724,593

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