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HST 2.0 Surf Trainer Set for Rear Only

HST 2.0 Surf Trainer Set for Rear Only

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Hamboards HST 2.0 Progressive Surf Training System

Practice pop-ups in your cul-de-sac, make those bottom turns and pump up and down the face of your own private p(w)ave.

This is an add-on feature for any stock Hamboard fitted with 40/200 on front and back. This is particularly useful with the Hamboards 6’2” Classic, 5’8” Pinger, 3’6” Fish and 3’ Pescadito, which all lend themselves to a progression.

The kit includes one complete ZR0/160 truck and one complete 20/180 truck.

When beginner surfers are geared-up, they typically get a long stable board with a huge fin (sometimes more) in the tail. As a surfer progresses, they can reduce volume, shape, length, and swap to advanced fins to give themselves more responsiveness, control, and performance.

Although there’s no fin on the back of a skateboard, by starting with a ZR0/160 on the tail, a Hamboard is more stable, rolls straighter but still has all the board lean it needs… just like you want for white water surfing (learning).

By swapping the tail truck from ZR0/160 to the 20/180 the rider progresses to a higher performing "fin" so that they can advance their skills.

When the rider is ready to step up to the advanced level, they swap to the 40/200 and now they’re really carving.

Coaches can use this system to improve land training, including specific techniques. Coaches can students with repetition, paddling, pop-ups, shifting their weight, switching stance until all those motor movements become second nature to the student… Based on starting skill level the Coach can select the rear “fin” set-up to start the skill progression. Then the coach can move to the swells and truly teach wave management, style, and etiquette. By the time the coach gets their student in the water, they can actually coach surfing rather than simply popups.

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