Ultimate Longboard Surfer’s Diet Plan

Ultimate Longboard Surfer’s Diet Plan

 Ultimate Longboard Surfer’s Diet Plan

Surfer Diet Plan 

 Riding the pave is definitely not the same as riding the wave, but there are plenty of similarities between the two sports.

In case you didn't know, longboarding is quite physically demanding and it activates the same body parts as surfing. In fact, longboarding can be an excellent exercise to prepare you for surfing and help you enhance your wave-riding skills. 

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 Even though you're cruising the streets and not taming the waves, you are working your body and burning calories. So, if you want to be a serious land surfer, you will need to have a proper diet. Besides, who wouldn't love to have a lean body and be as healthy and energetic as the pro surfers?

So, why do you need to take care of your diet?


Well, the food you eat is supposed to give your body the right nutrients to provide you with energy, help your body grow and develop and regulate body processes. You already know that carbohydrates and fats give us the energy and that proteins are crucial for building muscles. So, if you want to have a surfer bod, you need to find that fine balance between these nutrients.

Do you want to know the secret to a beach-perfect surfer body? Well, the secret is to have a perfect surfer diet plan.


Professional surfers can't have too much body fat, but they can't have too much muscle either. It's all in the balance. Every pound extra could jeopardize their performance on the board and ruin their precision. Hence they have to stick to a surfer diet that’s just right.

Of course, longboarding isn't as demanding as the actual surfing, but we got a serious inspiration for creating our own meal plan by copying the surfer diet. Especially since the diet is based on "everything in moderation" motto and includes some incredibly yummy stuff.


Healthy meal plan for surfers 

Here are the main nutrients of a surfer diet:

  • Protein with as little saturated fat as possible
  • Complex carbohydrates
  • Fiber-rich foods
  • Low-fat dairy

Ready to look like a surfer? Here's your yum surfer’s diet plan:



If you're planning to hit the board in the morning, you should stick to foods low in fiber and fat so that you prevent any possible digestive problems. And, if you're planning to cruise later, you can have a heavier breakfast. Here are some ideas!


  • Fresh fruit and Greek yoghurt - Probably the most delicious way to start the day, which is also light and healthy. Try to stick to the berries that you can mix with the yoghurt, or even add nuts to the mix and you've made your own tasty cereal bowl.
  • Coffee - Bet you thought that coffee is going to be against the rules but it's not. Just try to stick to one cup a day. 


Surfer Breakfast


  • Protein bars or cereal - If you're a fan of cereal, choose one that's high in fiber and low in sugar.
  • Oatmeal - A good old oatmeal is great if you don't want to experiment too much. And if you want to make it exciting, add some almonds or berries to it.
  • Eggs - When a light breakfast is just not going to cut it, you can always go with the eggs. Just remember that they are protein bombs and adjust the rest of your day to it.
  • Tofu - Tofu is a tasty and excellent alternative for vegetarians. It’s an excellent source of calcium, omega-3 fatty acids, manganese, copper, selenium, protein, ironand phosphorus.



And the best part is that you can mix it with any veggies you like.



Surfers base their lunch on lots of protein and lots of vegetables, so make sure to include those in your meal every day.



  • Grilled chicken or beef - When you're up for a heavier lunch, chicken or beef are your best choice. Grill it up and serve it with some steamed veggies.
  • Black beans, brown rice and sweet potato - Not at the same time, of course, but these are great when you're not planning a workout that's not too demanding.Brown rice is one of the healthiest carb choices, only the hull is removed during milling, so unlike white rice, the bran and cereal germ are preserved and hence contains more natural nutrients like manganese, phosphorus, selenium, copper and vitamin B3.
  • Salad - A salad is always a great choice because it's full of vitamins. And if you think a salad can't really satisfy your hunger, think again. Just include some chicken, fish, or shrimp and I guarantee you'll be full.


Snacks for Longboard Skaters


Don't worry, you can have a lean surfer body and still afford to snack. And I have some great ideas that are healthy but will still satisfy your snack appetite. Just remember not to go overboard whatever you decide to nibble on till dinner.


  • Nuts or an energy bar
  • Fresh or dried fruit
  • Fruit smoothie
  • Fresh vegetables
  • Banana and peanut butter
  • Dark chocolate 



Your dinner should be somewhat heavy and protein and carbohydrate packed, especially if you've just returned from a longboarding session. You need to recharge your batteries and recover your muscles. Here's what you can try. 

  • Fresh fish with veggies - Salmon with steamed broccoli, spinach, asparagus or sweet potatoes will make a great combination.


  • Whole-wheat tortilla - Fill it up with some chicken, beans, rice and even low-fat cheese. Top it up with fresh home made salsa for extra zing.


Find The Balance

 Did you know that you can even eat fast food on this diet? Yup, it's allowed. A lot of surfers actually like to indulge themselves every once in a while with a burger or a pizza. It's just important not to over do it.

The point of a surfer diet is not to starve yourself or deprive yourself of anything. Eating everything in moderation, staying hydrated at all times and finding that perfect balance of all the necessary nutrients.  

If you stick to this idea you will not only improve your longboarding skills but also become much healthier and happier in your skin.


Do you know what else goes great with this delicious diet?

A longboard.

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