Always Board, Never Bored.

Photo Credit: Chelsey Estridge, IG @lifeofchelsey


My name is Nico and I’m writing to you as a Hambassador. Hamming became part of my life about a year ago, fitting with my life motto beautifully- always board, never bored. After college I moved from the New Jersey home I grew up in to Brooklyn and it was a bit of a culture shock. I grew up in a lake town where my summers were spent wakeboarding and water skiing and my winters were spent snowboarding at our closest hill, Mountain Creek. Being outside and taking advantage of each season and the sport it has to offer has always kept me sane. When I relocated to Brooklyn my board culture took a bit of a turn.

The city is an incredible place, but you need to find your vibe. There is so much diversity, culture and hustle and it’s easy to get a bit lost. It’s like being pushed under a wave; you get tossed and turned and tugged around, but eventually, you find your way to the surface and everything makes sense again.

I realized after being pushed and shoved around by the city that what I needed to do was get into the board sports that were available to me. Rockaway Beach is a quick 30 minute drive away so I started surfing more than I ever had. Every weekend (and even some mornings before work) I would make my escape- but it wasn’t enough. 

I needed a way to take advantage of all the pavement that surrounded me. That’s when I came across a YouTube video of a guy gliding and surfing across pavement in a way that I hadn’t seen before on a skateboard. I didn't know too much about Hamboards, but I did know that I needed to get one.

After chatting with a Rep at Hamboards we both decided the Fish would be the best model for me to start with. When it arrived and I pulled the board out of the massive delivery box I was in awe of its’ size. At 4’ 5” it is only a foot shorter than I am and wider than my shoulder span. The wheels are larger than my fists and the trucks are incredibly lose. I was intimidated and fascinated. My Hamboard experience had begun.


Photo Credit: Chelsey Estridge, IG @lifeofchelsey


Photo Credit: Chelsey Estridge, IG @lifeofchelsey