Skating is already Socially Distant

Skating is already Socially Distant

Skating is already Socially Distant

We’re all kind of stuck, huh?  We’re all doing our best anyway.  Especially with team sports, social distancing requirements are bumming the whole vibe.  Most everyone is being gracious and complying to their own best efforts, but one parent hanging out on the sideline for Fall soccer just doesn’t feel the same.  Luckily there are affordable alternatives. Walking, biking, skating and most anything “outdoors” is green lighted these days. 


Skating is fun

Shakira recently showed everyone that skateboarding is a great way to stay active during the pandemic. Yes, it takes a little bit of practice, but that’s no different than riding a bike or shooting hoops.  Once you get the hang of it, you forget that you were afraid and you build that subconscious connection and just start to “feel” your way along.  These days most everyone can find a patch of fresh pavement, a bike trail or even a boardwalk to cruise and carve-up. 

According to a recently updated Skateboarding Safety study skateboard injuries are actually lower than Basketball, Bicycling, Football, Soccer and even Swimming!  But you still have to 1) wear your protective equipment, 2) stay within your own personal limits and 3) don’t skate in traffic or around other people.  Keep it chill!


Surfskating is trending 

Skateboards have come a long way.  Cast polyurethane wheels have extra grip and the new surfskate trucks allow the boards to actually turn when you lean on them.  Surfskates allow you to skate in relatively flat places and propel yourself along by “pumping”.  Surfksates use either 1) swivel trucks or 2) board lean trucks.  Swivel trucks allow you to “wiggle” your way along.  Hamboards(r) trucks are advanced and use board lean, also called “roll”, (like how an airplane banks into a turn).  Board lean allows the skater to keep his/her body’s center-of-gravity directly over the deck’s “stringer” while turning.  The rider doesn’t look like s/he’s wiggling along.  It’s a far more natural motion and sensation.  You actually look like you’re surfing on a board lean surfskate. 


HST trucks

The Hamboards Surfskate Trucks (HST) are spring-loaded and massive.  Shortboard, Longboard and SUP Skate Hamboards sit high up off the ground to prevent “rails” dragging on the ground when you rip insane turns. 


Best Affordable Surfskates 

Hamboards use a very special truck which allows them drastically more board lean.  In fact we hang our hat on being “The World’s Finest rail-to-rail Surfskates”.  High board lean allows the rider to get on the rail (edges) without scraping the board on the ground.  It really does feel more like surfing, wakeboarding and snowboarding.  Hamboards have more expensive components than regular skateboards, so the value is there.  In the scheme of things, small premium in cost gives the rider a skateboard that ’s actually more intuitive and easier to learn.  #hamboards

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