New to surf skating? Check these tips

New to surf skating? Check these tips

New to surf skating? Check these tips

The learning curve for surfskating is fortunately not very steep. If you have recently bought your first Hamboard, check out these tips to learn fast and get into the real fun:

First, focus on pumping (building up speed) first, then try carving. Both will give you the the feeling of surfing on land. Leave the more intricate tricks like cutbacks for later, and concentrate on covering long distances without using your foot to regain speed.

Next, if you’re wondering how to stop, instead of doing it with only one foot like on a regular skateboard, you should just get off the board, with one foot right after the other, and allow your body to walk a few steps before stopping.

Also, are you feeling anxious about falling and injuring yourself? If so, invest in some protective gear like shoulder / knee pads and a helmet.

Try to hone your situational awareness. Just like when you’re riding a bicycle or driving a car, always look at where you're going (and turning). Avoid surfskating at night and watch out for pedestrians, vehicles, and animals.

To keep unexpected obstacles to a minimum, choose a beginner-friendly spot. Pick a flat terrain that goes neither downhill nor uphill. A quiet driveway will do just fine. As you get more comfortable with your board, you can move on to small slopes and, eventually, hills.
Lastly, find and reach out to fellow surfskaters in your city! Have them teach you and watch them ride. Doing that will cut down the learning phase.

That’s all you need to know for now. So go out, practice, and have fun!

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