Longboard Surf-Skating Spreads Like Firestorm In Asia

Longboard Surf-Skating Spreads Like Firestorm In Asia

Longboard Surf-Skating Spreads Like Firestorm In Asia 

“Some of the most bad-ass next-gen-pro surf-skaters will come from Asia”


Hamboards stoke is making its way into the globally recognized Surf Skating scene. And countries like Japan and China are throwing some rad competition at us. 

So if you’re thinking it’s all happening here - the birthplace of thrash and carves, you need to see this. Recently, we brought our boards across the globe to China to see what our surfer friends from China would do on a Hamboard. 


We met some young people who instantly jibed with the Hamboards philosophy, blended in on the spot. We were in awe. The skaters and surfers hopped right into the roots of surfing heritage and onto our boards to perform beautifully executed maneuvers. 

The difficulty of maneuvers as well as skill level was beyond what we could have imagined. We had witnessed some of the best nose riding abilities to the drop knee grind cutbacks that made our jaws drop. 

The Asia takeover included a growing number of world-class surf events. One event was coming up and we were super excited to be a part of it. 


One of the standout surfers from China squad was called Hao Han. He used to be a full-time Marketing Manager. By the time Hao started to play with our boards, he was hooked. (We heard later he quit his job to pursue his dream career as a professional longboard skater). He smiled ear to ear when he began talking about his joy of longboard skating : 

"With a longboard, you can fly downhill like Superman!" Hao exclaimed . 

It was obvious what he meant when he started to shred the Logger. He owned it from the second he hopped on it. 

The surf skate longboards arrived in the eastern shores late around 2010. But like many other things, it didn’t take long to catch up. Now, they’re a force. 



Hamboards Longboard Surf Skate in China Asia

Mu the 21-year-old phenom is one of China’s biggest and boldest surf skating stars. The talented, bubbly, and beautiful cover-girl took over China’s social with over half a million followers on social media. 

She is among a growing group of young women in Asia who are posting videos of their thrash and receiving tens of thousands of daily views. 

The Chinese enthusiasm for the evolving new surf skate movement has millions of people watching and craving for more exhilarating yet modern approach to skating. 

Surfskating is emerging globally

From the shores of Cali to Tokyo and Beijing. Hamboards popularity has SWELLED thanks to our awesome international surfskate tribe. 

Check out the latest styles and stoke all across the U.S.

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