Hamboard Properties

Look at the gem we found in the bottom of the Hamboards video vault!  Scientific discussion with supporting clinical field trials that not only can you have one of the best gluten free times of your life on a Hamboard, but that bikini clad girls will push you down the boardwalk in a Jacruizzi.  

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December 02, 2015

Many of the lessons I have leeanrd in life come from my father, a veteran of WW2 and Korea. They may be from generations ago but they remain just as valid today. Veterans are put in extraordinary situations and must survive. Surely we all can learn from their experiences, regardless of our polical perspectives. Mr. Panzarella has hit upon something, we should be focusing more on the young men & women returning from a truly unique and dangerous environment. They protected us, now how do we help protect them?

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