The Haps

Hilliary, Marta and their Huntington Hops

January 26, 2015

A beach parking lot playground in Huntington Beach made up the setting for two new friends & their last Hamboard ride together. One, a California native, & the other, a Barcelona beauty. Salty, sweet & separated by the sea. You can’t spell "unintentional armpit smell" without "stylish cross step" (give or take a couple letters). Hamboards - Bringing dream teams together since 1997. Continue Reading →

Hamboard Number 0009

January 20, 2015

Hamboard Number 0009 showed up at the shop a few days ago. It was the first board we ever sold and is over 12 years old. We didn't even have a logo back then so Dad had a friend paint a little one-off-er on it. After all these years it has held up like a champ and we all took it for a ride to see how it held up. We are beginning to realize we can't guarantee that you will last longer than your Hamboard.  Continue Reading →