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Springs Gold (25lbf)

New in Fall 2018 is the New Gold Springs, an upgrade to your Hamboards HST Trucks which are intended for use with the New Black Kingpins. 

Gold Springs are RECOMMENDED FOR CLASSIC, PINGER and FISH Hamboards, or for anyone desiring more stability in their ride.  

These New Gold Springs offer 25% more restorative forces as the Silver Springs (~25 pounds force) and these springs are pre-set so that they don't break-in and may not wear out.  

We also offer a Gold Spring kit comprising a set of Gold Springs, a set of Black Kingpins and a hex tool to aid in the upgrade.  

    Prior to purchasing, please view this video.  


    1. This upgrade spring is ONLY for use with HST Carving Trucks.  
    2. The New Gold Springs have an extra half turn, and are slightly longer than the legacy (Red and Black) springs, so if you're replacing Red or Black springs, you must remove one of the fender washers to make room for the new longer spring.  


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