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SK8Pole Land Paddle

Cancel the gym membership, your new work out just arrived


  • A light-duty and portable Land Paddle (1.7 lbs)
  • For a "pushing" style stroke.
  • Aluminum Tube and Plastic Ball Grip (US Patent)
  • Strong, yet light weight with a flexible rubber pusher tip.
  • Ball hand grip and adjustable to about 6ft.

The Sk8pole land paddle is lightweight and stable, built with a unique pusher tip designed to mimic the efficiency of a race horses foot. The patented rubber pusher tip of the Sk8pole grips the ground so it is very simple to use with minimal learning curve for new land paddlers. The Sk8pole is easily adjustable (collapses) so it is kid-friendly and easy to transport.

Sk8pole Land Paddles multi-directional rubber pusher tip maintains 100% ground contact.

Three section aluminum pole reduces to 33 inches and extends to 6 4 for easy transportation and use by all ages.

The Sk8pole Land Paddle is light-weight (1.8 lbs) and evenly distributes weight while paddling.