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Pescadito | Surfskate | Boltz | 3'7" | HST200

  • Best suited for:
  • Carve
  • Powerslide
  • Cruise
  • Thrash

Get locked in the moment.

Hold on to your rails because this rad looking wave-washed board will push you to the edge of your imagination. But before we get on the ride, let’s take a look at the intricate work, engineering and details in this beauty. 

The deck is designed after the 60s classic fish design, only more compact to offer more leverage per turn. Hence the name Pescadito (Esp. Little Fish) The pointed nose swallow tail, reminds you to respect the aggressive nature of this little “Bonita”.  i. If you’re not ready for the Fish, this brings you the absolute best of both worlds - stability and maneuverability. 

Natural 3 ply bamboo (or 8 ply Baltic Birch depending on the model) is painstakingly laminated, decorated then topped with a durable UV Resistant Grip Coating that helps skaters stay securely rooted during heavy slides. Barefoot friendly.  

But there’s something else that really makes the experience unforgettable. 

Mounted on massive 24 mm riser blocks are a pair of patented 200mm HST carving trucks cast from virgin aluminum and heat treated for relentless thrash. A 50-degree reverse kingpin and 30 degrees of board lean allows the ultimate rail-to-rail flow, board lean and extreme carving angles. 

Inside the HST carving trucks are a set of spherical wave cams that translate axel rotation into increased force by compressing an incredibly strong compression spring.  The new silver spring installed on the front truck and the gold spring installed on the back truck  yield an extra five pounds force to propel you forward.  On the Pescadito,  you pump by loading up the back spring with 25 lbs of momentum sustaining force.  On the road, the Hamboards signature chocolate brown 66mm cast polyurethane wheels are buttery smooth and super grippy. 

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“I swear, surfing is the Source”



High-Performance power in a compact size.

Hamboard's most stable and easiest to use model. It just happens to be the world's best balance of pump and drive.