HST Truck Set

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World's Finest Rail-to-Rail Surfskate Carving Trucks

Hamboards Surfskate Carving trucks (HST's) are sold as fully assembled sets of two trucks outfitted with 20 lbf restorative force (silver) springs, black auto-tune kingpins, and massive 24 mm wood riser blocks (painted black).  Also include is a kingpin hex tool and M6 55mm hardware which can fit most regular longboards.  (FOR THICKER BOARDS PLEASE PURCHASE LONGER HARDWARE - SEE FAQ.)   

If you want more "stability" or a more snappy feeling, we recommend the gold 25lbf springs sold as accessories.  The different springs don't change the turning radius, nor board lean, but they do change board stability and response.  These trucks come fully tightened for maximum stability, but you can back-off the kingpin by one half to one full turn to make the trucks respond to your preference.  If you're a lighter rider, you may want to loosen the kingpins to allow you to get that flowing sensation.  


The first thing you"ll notice are the massive size and smooth, artisan curves.  The base plate mounting block features four lancet arch shaped reliefs that are complemented by a raptor wing profiled hanger.  The mounting block reliefs provide enough clearance for a box wrench to ease installation. The super lightweight T6 heat treated aluminum and the cavernous arrow tip cavity makes HST's super-light and rugged.   

So long as they're lubricated and tuned properly, the nylon wave cam mechanism is profoundly robust.  The cam key secures the wave cam and lock nut tucked into a massive pivot cup.  A recent development is the Moly Washer which has completely eliminated "loose" fit and squeaking.  

HST Truck Exploded Component View

These new Hamboards Trucks took four years of designing, testing and improving to create their authentic style of riding. The HST is an international cooperative effort: invented by a NASA Engineer, ride tested in America, designed in Europe and manufactured at the world's best truck factory in Asia.  US Patent No. 10,507,375.  

Attribute Hamboards HST Original OS8
Total Weight 725g 657g (incl riser)
Baseplate Weight 260g 212g (incl riser)
Pivot Cup Wall Thickness 7.5mm 4mm
Height 86mm 86mm (incl plastic riser)
Overall Length 110mm 110mm
Baseplate Length 91mm 89mm
Baseplate Width 55mm 55mm
Center Axle Height 75mm 75mm
Hanger Length 200mm 200mm
Axle Length 268mm 280mm
Board Lean 28 degrees 28 degrees