Saves You Time
Crisscross, Zigzag, or Circles? Forget those painstaking techniquesattempting to get texture from your wax. Grab a Grater Grip and quicklyand easily drop shreds of wax onto your board in a fraction of the time.Press the shreds down and feel the bumpy grip it creates! For evenbetter results lay down a thin layer of base before you grate.
Works On Soft Tops
Getting a good layer of wax on a soft top is darn near impossible.Grater Grip solves that problem. Start with a thin layer of base (asbest you can) then simply grate over the surface of the board and pressthe shreds in. Instant bumps!
Saves You Wax
Outta wax or lost your grip? No time to pick up a new bar? No problem.Use the scraper edge to pull up the old wax. Ball it up. Grater Grip canslice through that ball of wax and give it a second life!
For Better Traction
Grater Grip shreds wax and spreads the pieces onto the boards surface.The chunks of wax create variation in texture an ultimately createsuperior traction that traditional waxing methods can't achieve.
For Cold Water
Cold, Cool, Warm, Tropical. Forget about it and make life simple. Useonly Warm or Tropical wax and get the best results, no matter the watertemp! Traditional waxing methods make it difficult to get wax off thebar and onto the board. Grater Grip allows you to use the more solidwaxes in any temperature and easily drops bumps onto your board creatingsuperior traction. Forget about cold water wax melting when thetemperature rises.