SUPSKATE Custom Land Paddle

Our lightest and highest-performance land paddle.

Assembly Required for this cut to length, one piece paddle.

These are for experienced riders who want a light-weight fixed-length paddle. Once you assemble the paddle you cannot change the length.  

Measure twice, cut lower section to length, dry fit to double check then epoxy glue the two halves together.  Can be customized for riders from 4'9" ~ 6'8".  

These are the very best SUP Skate Land Paddles we've ever built... by far. 

Features include:

  • EVA molded grip
  • Poi Pounder tip (replaceable)
  • Crazy-light blend of Carbon/Glass Epoxy
  • Flexible, strong and powerful pole

Please visit SUP Skate USA Facebook Group for more information.  

The first prototypes were battle tested by ~20 endurance athletes at the ‘21 Miami Ultraskate. There were over 1,250,000 paddle strikes in 24 hours springing to ~1,500 miles (Los Angeles to Chicago) and no reported problems. Then again our gear was tested by four spartan warriors at the grueling 200 mile Skate Central Lakes challenge during July '21 in Minnesota.  Several new world distance records have been established and this sport has been further established by pioneering athletes.