SUPSKATE Custom Land Paddle

Assembly Required

These paddles are for experienced riders who want a light-weight fixed-length paddle. Once you assemble the paddle you cannot change the length.

New in January 2021.  These are the best SUP Skate Land Paddles we've ever built... by far.  These are from the first ever hand-made prototype run and will be available for as long as they last.  Please visit SUP Skate USA Facebook Group for more information.  

These exact paddles were battle tested by 18 endurance athletes at the ‘21 Miami Ultraskate. Several new world distance records were established. There were over 1,250,000 paddle strikes in 24 hours springing to ~1,500 miles (Los Angeles to Chicago) and no reported problems. That’s a wrap. Product approved. We’re moving forward with the first commercial run and will make available to purchase sometime around March!

The first mass production paddles will be available to purchase in mid-May 2021, so if you want a part of history or just can't wait, please grab one of these.