Braapstik Land Paddle

Cancel the gym membership, your new work out just arrived


  • A Heavy-Duty Power Land Paddle (2.7 lbs)
  • For agressive and powerful "plunging and pulling" stroke.
  • Aluminum Tube, Fiberglass Spring w/ Plastic Ball Grip
  • Strong, yet light weight with a flat pad rubber pusher tip.
  • Ball hand grip and adjustable to about 6ft.(US Patent)

The BraapStik Land Paddle is a heavy-duty performance land paddle.  The trick to this is keeping it lined-up straight when you paddle.  Takes some arm strength to keep it all lined up.  

The medium spring version weighs-in at 2.65 lbs featuring a fiberglass spring attached to the handle provides stability, shock absorption, carving control, brakes and propulsion.  There are 3 different spring ratings being offered and an adjustable length handle that collapses to an amazing 30 inch size.  

Spring ratings are only a suggestion since all riders and riding styles are different:

  1. Light: 80 - 180lbs
  2. Medium: 160 - 220lbs
  3. Heavy: 200 - 300lbs


  • Interchangeable fiberglass spring for different riding sizes and styles
  • Fully extended the pole is 6 feet yet collapses so nicely it fits in a backpack.
  • BraapStik Land Paddle absorbs the shock of the road
  • Rubber foot on this land paddle are created to provide grip.
  • Round ball handle 
  • The more you put into each push the more you get out of it. A very responsive and light weight Land Paddle