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BLEMISHED Logger | Surfskate | Red Leg Stripes | 5' | HST200

BLEM: Front Truck/Wheel Well Adjustment

This board was manufactured with the trucks about an inch too far forward which risks wheel bite on the front trucks.  It was a simple mistake and all have been forgiven.  Rather than sending these faulty Hammy's to the "land of misfit toys", we decided to fix them up and try to find them a good home. 

The repair required new through holes to be drilled in the deck, leaving four (4) unsightly holes near the front truck (the blemish).  We set-up a couple jigs, recruited some handy volunteers and repaired all the boards.  Our good friends at Cha Vibes donated some rad stickers to cover the blemished area.  We actually thing they look pretty cool anyway.  

Please consider giving a blem Logger a good home.  If it could talk, like all the other misfits, dings, demos and blems, it might say that it just wants is to be loved and ridden.  This is still a Logger, perfectly safe and it rides like a dream.  Since the humans screwed-up, it's not first quality, so we're offering these BLEM Hammy's at a HUGE discount.  

Here's your opportunity to pick-up the Logger for a nice price and give a misfit toy a good home.