The Ultimate Surf Skate Board

Hamboards are designed and created by a surfer family in Huntington Beach,
CA to replicate the ultimate surf feeling. Going through many prototypes and 8 years of research,
we are very confident that you will be super stoked with our board.

No water? No Problem

Take it to the streets, and get the experience without the water.

For more than 8 years, we have perfected, enhanced, and developed the true surf-on-land experience. We understand how fickle and unpredictable the water Hamboards has been made and manufactured by a true surfing family. We are surfers, skaters, and athletes who crave a real surfing experience. What we provide is a board that acts, looks, and feels like real surfing without the need for perfect ocean conditions

Who's it for?

Maximize the opportunity to learn different skating styles by using different equipments with different motions, maneuvers, and tricks.

For surfers and SUP athletes

Surf on land when the waves are flat or the weather is uncooperative. Diversify your training by maximizing different muscle groups activated by a true surfing experience on land Overall, it’s just that fun!


Train on land with a different varying experience. Enhance your balance on a board by changing up the work out

Whether you are a beginner, skilled, advanced, or a
professional, there are different boards the suit your type.

  • Maneuverability
  • Maximal turning capabilities
  • Varying flexibility for different skill levels


We are confident that you’ll love your board. Check out what others are saying

Still not convinced?

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

Since we’re absolutely convinced that Hamboards will provide you
the riding experience that you’ve always wanted.
Provided the board is in “new” condition, without visible marks, scratches, or damages, and ready for immediate resale.

We're offering you 10% off your initial purchase!

Also for your first time purchase, we’ll take an additional 10% off.
Use coupon code: MYFIRST

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